From modern to country; a kitchen island fits any interior!

From modern to country; a kitchen island fits any interior!

A kitchen island serves as a standing table at a social house party, you read the newspaper there with a delicious cup of coffee and have breakfast with your family. In short; a kitchen island is more than just a place to cook. Would you also love to have a kitchen island in your living kitchen? The possibilities are endless. There is a kitchen island for every taste and style!

Kitchen island in the modern style
A kitchen island is an indispensable part of a modern kitchen. What you often see in a modern kitchen island are cabinets and drawers in neutral colors, marble kitchen countertops and handleless cabinets. A kitchen island in a modern kitchen gives a luxurious look. These luxury kitchens with kitchen islands are an absolute favorite, and we frequently see this reflected in our customers’ requests. Prefer a colorful element? No problem! Your modern dream kitchen can be completely customized to your taste.

Kitchen island in the country style
Sleek, country kitchens with a kitchen island make your interior more spacious, functional and cozy. If you choose a country kitchen, then you are choosing cozy living surrounded by natural materials. Contemporary country kitchens convey a robust and warm atmosphere with their nostalgic look, but are very comfortable with contemporary additions such as a functional steam oven or wine cooler.

Kitchen ideas for your kitchen island
Are you a fan of neutral colors like black, white or gray? Then a modern, sleek kitchen island is really your thing. Opt for marble or composite, add handle-less cabinets and technological gadgets like a wine cooler and voila, you have a sleek dream kitchen with all the amenities. Do you feel more for the traditional atmosphere of a beautiful country kitchen? Then you choose the cozy feel of wood, beams, and natural materials in your kitchen island.

Whether you love the pure charm of a country kitchen island, are more into traditional classic or are a fan of the minimalist look of a modern kitchen; a kitchen island always catches the eye. Going for a bold color in your kitchen countertops or kitchen cabinets of your kitchen island? Then a Phoenix kitchen is really for you!

The possibilities of a kitchen island
You choose a kitchen island to your taste, beautiful! Now there are more knots to cut. Because what format is important to you? For example, you can choose to install a seating area at your kitchen island. Handy if you like to have company while you’re cooking. It is also good to think about the placement of the sink, extractor and cooktop. This allows you to give your kitchen island multiple functions. You love coming home to a living kitchen with an island.

Discover the endless possibilities of a kitchen island
Each kitchen island or kitchen island can be completely customized to your own taste. Are you curious about all the possibilities of a kitchen island? Then make an appointment with one of our advisors. Give us your dream and we will make it real!

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