From unique staircase design to stunning realization

From unique staircase design to stunning realization

For us, the creation process begins as soon as the architect has bent his head over the design of the home or commercial project. By picking up collaboration early in the process, we are able to achieve constructive gains. Designing stairs and forms where nothing is impossible is an interplay between our client, architect, contractor and Van Bruchem Staircases.

A functional object, the staircase occupies an important and often central position. The unity it forms with the interior brings the right balance. The trend to work with steel continues to be in demand. We work primarily with steel grade S235JR or stainless steel304. Bumps and damage from irregularities in the material are inevitable, but give a natural and tough effect. Working with steel is limitless. Combinations with oak or/and glass make for a wonderful addition.

Wood also remains popular in many of our requests. A beautiful natural product with a timeless look. In commercial assignments, the staircase is regularly used multi-functionally. Consider a grandstand staircase or a wide staircase with matching balustrade from which people are addressed. Our staircase designs are displayed in 3D images, this enhances the imagination and makes it easier to make the best choice.

Within van Bruchem, we work with a team of specialists who bring out the best in each other. Designers work closely with the production technician in charge. Our project managers monitor the project from A to Z, planning and communicating progress with all parties involved.

The actual creation from design to production, is a fantastic moment. Shapes become visible and the final step of total realization is a matter of time. During on-site editing, the project really comes to life. A process that took months to complete with only one goal; to reveal that cool staircase that makes our client incredibly happy.

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