Gaggenau brings sous-vide to the home kitchen

Gaggenau brings sous-vide to the home kitchen

Sous-vide is a fairly new and popular cooking technique from the professional kitchen. It allows you to cook the most difficult-to-prepare ingredients to perfection, such as steak or fish that retain their texture and tenderness with it. But vegetables also lend themselves well to sous vide cooking. Sous-vide literally means “under vacuum. The principle of the cooking technique is the slow cooking of vacuum-packed food at a constant temperature. In this process, virtually no nutrients are lost, flavors are much more intense and there is no chance of failure. With a Gaggenau steam oven or combi-steam oven and vacuum drawer, you apply this professional technology very easily in your own kitchen.

Chefs swear by this technique, which has now reached private kitchens. There are several individual home appliances available on the market for the home chef. The supplies are a vacuum machine, vacuum bags and a special sous-vide machine, sometimes supplemented by a special container. This means a host of loose extra items that take up a lot of space in the kitchen. It is therefore very pleasing that sous-vide is quite possible with a built-in steam oven or a combi-steam oven from Gaggenau. Gaggenau, which is a pioneer in steaming and always inspired by the professional kitchen, also offers matching vacuum drawers that can be mounted directly under the ovens. A beautiful whole, and you don’t need any additional separate kitchen appliances.

Imagine quietly enjoying an aperitif or appetizer with your guests, meanwhile your bavette and vegetables are slowly and evenly cooked. You have plenty of time, because in addition to having your hands free to entertain your guests, most ingredients can easily be kept at serving temperature for a while before being served. Just before serving, grill the meat, saute the vegetables, prepare the plates and serve. Without stress, and always a perfect result.

Like this ballotine of guinea fowl with kohlrabi, spinach and Béarnaise.

No need to clean or dry appliances after use because every Gaggenau steam oven or combi steamer features an automatic cleaning function. And when you choose a version with fixed water supply and drain, you don’t have to empty a water tank either. The intuitive TFT display offers an easy-to-set sous-vide cooking function that allows you to control the temperature very precisely. Connect it to your Home Connect app via Home Connect and you can even control and monitor your steamer or combi steamer with your smartphone.

Gaggenau ovens are available in a variety of designs. From the more subdued, flush-integrated steam ovens and combi steam ovens of the 200 series to the imposing, slightly protruding and handle-less 400 series combi steam ovens. Combined with a Gaggenau vacuum tray, available in both series, you have the ideal sous vide duo. If you choose a combi steam oven, you can also bake, steam, stew, grill, au gratin, regenerate and dry. Would you like to see the new generation of ovens in real life? Then schedule a visit to inspiration house 20|20 in Hoofddorp, home to the largest Gaggenau showroom in Europe. The Gaggenau consultants will be happy to assist you and can tell you all about the possibilities for the ideal sous vide setup in your home.

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