Gaggenau knows about wine

Gaggenau knows about wine

At Gaggenau, we have an eye for the extraordinary. This goes beyond creating exceptional kitchen appliances. With the love for our craft, which originated in the Black Forest more than 300 years ago, also comes the love for precious ingredients and old crafts. In our magazine, we like to highlight the sometimes very special cultural heritage our world has, including the time-honored art of growing, cultivating, appreciating and drinking wine.

So Respected By visited a very remarkable vineyard in the heart of Provence, and spoke with Irish owners Paddy and Mara McKillen of the quirky Château La Coste, and their curator Daniel Kennedy. This century-old, biodynamic winery combines the craft of winemaking with an exceptional art collection. Each piece was created specifically for the vineyard’s rolling landscape at the owners’ request, creating a special interplay of elements. A feast for the eyes.

“At the heart of the project there has always been a love of Provence and a fascination with the vines and the winemaking process,” says Daniel. “Central to La Coste is the desire to share the space and its elements. Projects with artists and architects evolve into or into friendships – for Mr. McKillen, who is involved in hotels elsewhere, hospitality is as much a passion as a business. There is an excitement to present not only our wine, art or architecture, but also dining, literature and accommodation.” This philosophy fits seamlessly with Gaggenau’s vision. We too take pleasure in sharing the exceptional things we encounter, whether they are special people, rare products or culinary delights.

Read the full article ‘Grape Expectations’ on Château La Coste in English

And just as we cultivate special stories about an exceptionally beautiful product like wine, so too have we designed our wine climate cabinets: with attention to detail and a love of pure materials and ingredients. Your wine must be stored, protected, presented and prepared so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. These contradictory functions are realized by your wine climate cabinet, just like in a wine cellar, year after year without fail. Gaggenau wine climate cabinets not only preserve and protect, they impress and entice. Whether it is the impressive Vario 400 series with up to three separate climate zones, or the somewhat more modest 200 series that is not inferior in functionality and quality. They provide the ultimate storage solution for the precious wine collection of the serious wine lover, for whom wine is a passion bordering on obsession that can only be met by the ultimate storage solution.

Would you like to see and experience the luxurious look of our wine climate cabinets for yourself? Then visit our flagship showroom at inspiration house 20|20 in Hoofddorp.

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