Getting into spring with a luxury garden fireplace

Getting into spring with a luxury garden fireplace

April does what it wants. MODERN/Classical also for outdoor use. Be there in time: spring is coming! Make your garden plan early and include building a cozy fireplace or stove in your porch right away. Fireplaces/stoves for your home or garden: modern/design or classic, wood- or gas-fired, bioethanol, electric or water vapor! At home and abroad. We build from floor to chimney. SALES and INSTALLATION at 1 address! Warmest regards Colard Winde, Marja van Esch and our team.

A new garden plan!
1. Make a survey of your current garden.
2. Make a wish list, regarding plants, shed, patio, porch, pool yes/no, a patio fireplace or stove, etc in your new garden. (what to keep and what can go away)
3. Sketch (or have drawn out) a new layout for your garden.
4. Make the plan concrete with furnishings including garden furniture, type of plants/trees, flower beds.
5. Start scheduling your work (look carefully at the season).
6. The garden design can be implemented.

Stove or fireplace in the garden? Please note: If you would like an atmospheric fireplace in your garden or veranda, take into account an exhaust duct or -in case of a closed veranda- also the oxygen supply.

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