Give your home a boost with a specially designed staircase!

Give your home a boost with a specially designed staircase!

“For many people, stairs are stairs. A part of the home that allows you to walk upstairs to downstairs and from downstairs to upstairs. Otherwise, little attention is paid to it. What you see a lot in interiors is a simple, straightforward, white painted staircase. But this can be so much more beautiful! A staircase, still often the first thing you see when you enter a home, can give the space a big boost. When you invest in it, a staircase is so much more than a functional object!

It is often thought that a custom-made staircase is very expensive or that you need a lot of space for it. Certainly, the grand Renaissance staircases with a beautiful platform, which we get to design and install several times a year, require a lot of space and ditto budget. But even in smaller spaces, by thinking creatively, beautiful creations can be made. The possibilities are endless. One trend that is clearly on the rise is the wood-steel combination. For example, wooden steps with a steel trellis and steel trees. Often the raw bluestone combined with oak is then chosen. We also work a lot with color. Thus, we created stairs with a nod to the women’s shoes of the famous and acclaimed Louboutin brand. The steps are black and the bottom is painted bright red. For some time now, we have also been asked for other interior elements. Such as the paneling that runs along the stairs, but also a dining table or cabinet walls.Our core business, of course, remains the stairs. It has been since 1888 and continues to be so.

Numerous possibilities

We are often involved early in a remodel or new construction project. For our expertise of course, it is of course a specialized profession, but also to see whether the client’s wish fits within the possibilities of the available space and whether it can be realized structurally. Once that is framed, we will brainstorm with the client. What do they like and what style suits them? But then we would also like to know what flooring they will choose, what window frames will be installed and what colors will be used in the space. Once we have that clear, we start designing. The first 3D computer sketches are presented to the customer, and if this pleases, we can show the exact situation through a 3D Render. We can even recreate the light on the stairs at any time of day. With a presentation like this, the staircase comes alive for the client.They really get a feel for it. A feeling that of course becomes even greater when the staircase is finally completed. A staircase of unparalleled quality and made by craftsmen. A staircase that residents can enjoy for many, many years.”

* The Van Bruchem family business has specialized in designing and making exclusive staircases since 1888. In 2013, Djurre van Bruchem (4th generation) took over with his business partner Harm Heurkens. They have modernized the art of stair making without losing sight of the authenticity of the craft and the family business.

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