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Go for a luxurious natural stone look in kitchen or bathroom with ‘open book’

Go for a luxurious natural stone look in kitchen or bathroom with ‘open book’

Natural stone in open book is one of the most unusual ways of processing natural stone. In recent years, the use of natural stone such as marble has been a huge trend. "With the open-book technique, we take advantage of the beautiful interplay of lines in these stones," says Robert van Galen of Van Galen Keuken & Bad. 'Are you looking for a luxurious and original natural stone look for your kitchen or bathroom? Then the open-book technique might be for you.'

What is natural stone in open book?
'In this technique, we lay 2 or more virtually identical slabs of stone side by side,' Robert explains. 'We mirror the stones so that the equal sides meet. It is important here that the veins run together perfectly. Therefore, not every piece of stone is suitable for this either. We use only nicely veined blades.

Give a unique look to your kitchen
With a top or back wall in open book, you have a real eye-catcher in your kitchen or bathroom. Robert: "We see it as art made by nature. Every leaf is unique. We carefully select the natural stone from our supplier in Italy. It is always a surprise to see how beautiful it turns out. The technique suits different living styles, so both in a classic and ultra-modern interior.'

Century-old technology
Laying natural stone in open book is a trend of recent years, but the technique has been around for centuries. It is traditionally an Italian craft. This is therefore seen in many old buildings in Italy, but also, for example, in Amsterdam canal houses. So this trend is a classic in a modern twist.

Curious about the possibilities?
Van Galen specializes in laying natural stone in open book and is happy to help think through a plan for your dream kitchen or bathroom. Call 038-4578524 and make an appointment with one of the consultants at Van Galen.

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