Grey7 Zendo Collection by Wolterinck

Grey7 Zendo Collection by Wolterinck

Grey7 launches a new interior design collection called Zendo, designed by top designer Marcel Wolterinck. Grey7 aims to make high end interior design accessible to lovers of designer furniture and interiors. They do this in part by collaborating with well-known Dutch interior designers. Previously, Grey7 has worked with Bertram Beerbaum and Grand&Johnson. For this new collection, they partnered with Marcel Wolterinck where the unique design collection has Japanese influences as a common thread.

The focus is on the design and that is exactly how Marcel Wolterinck designed the line. “Through travel you develop your taste. The influence of Japan is woven throughout the collection, I see it in the purity and modesty but also as functional and primitive, that fascinates me. I let design and form speak and strive to create beauty, from that need Wolterinck was born,” said Marcel Wolterinck.

Inge van Hout, co-owner Grey7: “Thanks to the beautiful and intensive cooperation with Wolterinck Design Studio and our craftsmen, we now have a very extensive collection of designer furniture and accessories that nicely complement our collections. A result we are all proud of with the handwriting of Marcel Wolterinck and the values of Grey7.”

The collection consists of various designer furniture think of sleek, refined and ornate side tables, a dining table made of a combination of wood with a flowing shape, a sleek table with pierced wood, a very comfortable armchair with round soft shapes, and beautiful accessories. A special object in this collection is the bench with curved wood. The fabrics have a lot of contrast in texture but the designs are more complementary in color.

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