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Here’s how to create a nice home office

Here’s how to create a nice home office

Setting up your home office
Creating a nice home office is now more important than ever. Because of the coronavirus, most of us will be homebound in terms of work for some time to come. To be able to work productively at home as well, an inspiring space is essential. That’s why I like to give you tips for the ideal home office.

Choosing space
The first step in creating a home office is choosing a space. Ideally, your workspace should be in a quiet environment. A place where you can work undisturbed and where you are not so easily distracted.

Often all the rooms in the house are occupied, making it easier to work at the dining room table or coffee table. Still, it works better for your productivity to pick a place just for work. By really converting this space into a workspace, you’ll find that you get to work much more efficiently. That way you can keep work and personal life better separated.

Sufficient light
The ideal workplace starts with good light. Ensure adequate daylight by not placing your desk too far from the window. That way you catch the most natural light, which is the best light for working productively. Make sure the light does not fall directly on your computer screen. Therefore, put your desk at right angles to the window so you don’t have to look into the sunlight. For when it gets dim or completely dark, you need at least a central lamp (basic lighting) and a desk lamp (functional lighting) to get your work done.

Ergonomic workstation
At home you usually have fewer facilities than in the office. Often the workplace is ergonomically ill-equipped and you quickly adopt the wrong working posture. To be able to work optimally at home and combat physical complaints, it is important to be able to adjust and set up your workplace to suit your body. An adjustable office chair is most important. A desk with enough space for your work stuff, a large screen that you can place at the right height and a separate keyboard including a mouse also contribute to this.

For example, choose a height adjustable desk then you can alternate standing and sitting work. In either case, it is important to have the right posture.

Nothing more annoying than starting the morning in a messy workplace. When you have to clear your desk before you can start a work day, you are already starting a-productively. Therefore, make sure you have enough storage space and give things a fixed place to keep your workspace tidy and uncluttered. Searching is a thing of the past and tidying up becomes a lot more pleasant.

Inspiring workplace
It is important that a workplace boosts your productivity and makes you feel comfortable. You spend a lot of time there, so also make work of styling your workspace. Used fine materials for the furniture. And for example, create a mood board on the wall with inspiration images, or create a wall collage with things you have done, or have yet to do.

Plants work wonders
Green does well everywhere, especially in the workplace. Therefore, when decorating your home office, don’t forget to include the plants. Place at least one and preferably several plants in your workspace. They improve air quality, reduce stress, boost creativity and allow you to concentrate better. In addition, plants also make your workspace a lot cozier and more pleasant.

Would you also like a nice workplace? MIRA Interior & Furniture Design will gladly provide you with advice. Contact us to discuss options.

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