The pure craft is sexy again

The pure craft is sexy again

“I love pure craftsmanship. Pure, honest craftsmanship with a soul. For example, a table that has been worked on with skilled craftsmanship and lots of love. Something that I have been doing for over 30 years and will always do. But there are also people who prefer a table from India. Per 100,000 shipped and what you should look carefully at whether it is made of wood or plastic. And if people want that, I think it’s fine, I don’t judge. Only it is such a shame, they are soulless products. You can also see it in the shopping streets, there is a huge flattening. Everything is alike. Many people like that, but luckily there are people who want something different. It is often thought that “wanting something else” is immediately much more expensive. But it is better to spend your money well once than three times on a mass product. The people who look further, for example, end up with me. Here the focus is on creating a wonderful living environment. A home where you feel comfortable and comfortable and pieces of furniture that have a story and that have a soul. Customization with honest and pure products.

Living table

A large living table in indispensable in a good interior. Of course equipped with good seats and / or a fantastic sofa where you can sit comfortably. A table where you can socialize with friends and enjoy, but also a table with your computer or laptop. I often see interiors where a computer corner has been created. Stop it, I have stood in the corner enough before, if you have decent chairs at your table, such a corner is unnecessary. Get rid of it. You also often see an armchair with a reading lamp in a corner. Get rid of it too. You are never there!

Useless home accessories

Now that I am busy. Do you know what bothers me too? Of those useless and soulless home accessories. And especially the products that state what it is in another language. We are not retarded, are we? I also see that it is a plate, glass or dog bed. Put some nice books on the table as a decoration and don’t waste your money on those weird antics. We are really going ahead with those so-called trend articles. Here in the showroom, top chefs often come to cook. Do you know what they have? Some good knives. That is it. No, we are led to believe that we must have 36 different cucumber knives and slicers. Stop it. Let’s go back to purity and let’s do it normally.

Honest and creative

I have been making furniture for over thirty years. Great job. Every time I am proud when a piece of furniture is ready. I can really enjoy that. Just like I can enjoy the young guests we train here ourselves. Guys who chose the craft. Fortunately I also see that at companies around me. The new generation consciously and proudly chooses a profession again. I dare to say that the craft has become sexy again. Honest and creative work. With your hands and with good material. When people come here, I always take them to the adjacent workshop. Many people don’t even believe you when you say that the furniture is made here. There they see how hard it is to work, how much time there is in a table and how much love the table is made with. Then the feeling for the piece of furniture and the appreciation for our profession immediately arise. Because it is a beautiful profession! ”

* Bart van Bekhoven, owner of the idiosyncratic Artistic furniture store, is a craftsman pur sang and averse to mass production. In his column he shines his light on the flattening of the shopping streets, useless accessories and especially on the beautiful and acclaimed craftsmanship.

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