HIGH.design in Curaçao: An oasis of paradise

HIGH.design in Curaçao: An oasis of paradise

On an enchanting island tucked away on the south coast of Curaçao is Blue Bay, a spectacular golf and beach resort. Our colleague Swinde Mewiss, of HOOG.design, had the unique opportunity to visit this exclusive resort during her trip to Curaçao. Invited by interior designer Osiris Hertman, Swinde explored with wonder the beautiful project called “The Ridge villas.” In this article, we share her experiences and introduce you to the lush beauty of Blue Bay Curaçao.

Blue Bay is a lush resort surrounded by 220 acres of an oasis of tropical landscapes and located directly on one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches. The resort offers not only breathtaking views of the azure sea, but also first-class hospitality, extensive recreational facilities and 24-hour security. Here, everything revolves around the well-being, safety and quality of life of its guests.

During her visit to Blue Bay Curaçao, Swinde Mewiss had the opportunity to explore The Ridge villas on behalf of HOOG.design. Welcomed hospitably by Vincent Zrour, he took Swinde on a journey of discovery through this fantastic project. Swinde was pleased to discover that partners from HOOG.design were also involved in this project, which contributed to its refined aesthetic and excellence. The villas are truly a sight to behold, but the setting in which they are located is also phenomenal. Be enchanted by the first images of this breathtaking project.

Besides exploring the beautiful architecture and amazing landscape, Swinde also shared a valuable tip for anyone visiting Curaçao: visit “Brass Boer Curaçao.” Designed by none other than Osiris Hertman, this restaurant not only offers a top-notch culinary experience, but also enchants with its beautiful interior and atmosphere. Let your senses be stimulated and enjoy an unforgettable evening of gastronomic delights.

In short, Blue Bay Curaçao, with its overwhelming landscapes, enchanting villas and breathtaking beaches, offers a perfect blend of living and vacationing. Swinde was showered with hospitality during her visit to The Ridge villas at Blue Bay Curaçao. For this we would particularly like to thank Vincent Zrour for the pleasant acquaintance and the time he had taken to admire this project. In addition, we would also like to thank Osiris Hertman for this trip, thanks Osiris. Quote Swinde: “It was great to admire the homes and compliments on another beautiful project of yours.”

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