Hotel Mondragon Zierikzee opts for comfort and luxury from Nilson Beds

Hotel Mondragon Zierikzee opts for comfort and luxury from Nilson Beds

The province of Zeeland is fast becoming a tourist attraction. New vacation parks and luxury hotels are springing up like mushrooms. Ambitious hotel entrepreneur Govert Janzen has big plans for his hotel Mondragon. At this new hotel in Zierikzee – where “everything is right” – a wonderful night’s sleep is guaranteed thanks to the sleeping comfort of Nilson beds!

Hotel Mondragon is not an average hotel. Rather, director Janzen speaks of a “city lodge. The history of the property alone is unique. In the 16th century, the Spanish general Cristóbal de Mondragón stayed at this spot; his name has been associated with Zierikzee ever since.

At Mondragon, you can enjoy “old-fashioned” dining and count on classic personal courtesy. The 38 hotel rooms and 3 suites are extremely luxurious and decorated with attention to detail. Various themes from 17th and 18th centuries have been creatively and stylishly implemented in the interior and hotel concept. A visit to Zierikzee becomes an unforgettable experience thanks to Mondragon.

‘An excellent bed is the icing on the cake in our fine hotel as far as I am concerned,’ said a proud Govert Janzen. ‘That’s why we chose beds from Nilson. The sleeping comfort is sublime and, thanks to the customization, the design fits our wishes perfectly. Moreover, the cooperation with Nilson was extremely pleasant.’

Nilson hotel beds
More and more hotels are discovering Nilson Beds as the brand for filling sleeping comfort. “Our hotel bed Prestige is the result of years of product development,” explains Nilson founder Rijndert Fluit. ‘We honed in on the composition of the base and mattresses until we were satisfied. We use high-quality materials and strive for the best value for money. This combined with our customization, short lines of communication and perfect service makes us beloved by the hotel industry. We are very happy and proud of that.

Last year, Nilson also provided beds for Hotel The Craftsmen, Hotel Breezand, Hotel Unplugged and Chateau Wittem. At the German castle hotel Schloss Weitenburg, it is now possible to stay in a Nilson bed.

About Nilson Beds
Nilson Beds has specialized in high-quality sleep comfort for over 15 years. All beds are custom-made from the best (natural) materials, designed by top designers. The beds are produced by hand in the Netherlands. Nilson offers a unique concept through a complete collection of accessories such as headboards, furniture, bedding and linens. The target audience includes customers from home and abroad: interior designers, hotels and individuals.

New showroom
On Jan. 2, 2020, Nilson Beds opened the doors to a new showroom in Amersfoort. Because of the company’s growth, Nilson Beds left Barneveld. In the new building, leading interior designers such as Remy Meijers and Marcel Wolterinck will present a new bed design. They also contributed to the design of the new showroom.

Photography: Suzan Photography

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