How do you best utilize mood lighting in these dark winter days?

How do you best utilize mood lighting in these dark winter days?

Atmosphere in the home is so important to people, it makes you feel at home.

There are many types of lighting you can use to create atmosphere, and light has so many important functions. Light also determines your mood and behavior, which is why you can never spend too much time on good lighting in your home.

What should you pay attention to? And what is important?
Pay attention to the color temperature of the lighting. Each light source has a certain value, which says something about the heat of the light. The higher the value the cooler the light. So are you looking for warm and atmospheric light? Then go for an LED bulb with a lower kelvin value think 2700k.

Mood lighting can be created with different types of light sources. Consider, for example, twilight lamps, spot lighting, LED strips, etc. When using spotlights, choose dimmable light spots to create mood lighting. Dim the spotlights to the right intensity and create a warm, cozy atmosphere with spot lighting. Place a screen lamp where you want to create an atmospheric nook and use a reading lamp only when necessary, thus preventing
you too much light in the sitting area and it remains atmospheric.

5 tips to create a nice and warm atmosphere

  1. Make use of dimmers
  2. Highlighting corners or walls
  3. Provide indirect light
  4. Note the color temperature
  5. Create multiple options

Need advice for an atmospheric home? Lichtkunde is happy to create a lighting plan for you.

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