How do you determine the correct location of your pool?

How do you determine the correct location of your pool?

The time has come. You have decided that you want a pool in your garden. You may have several reasons for this. So you may want to treat yourself to good wellness amenities in your home and garden. Or a swimming pool fits well with the healthy and active lifestyle you adhere to. You can even view a pool as an investment that not only benefits you, but also yields a higher selling price should you ever sell your home.

Do you already have a good idea where you want to place your pool? We provide some points of interest to help you determine the proper location of your pool.

The location of your pool in relation to the sun
One of the most important factors in determining the correct orientation of your pool is the position of the sun during the day. When the sun heats your pool, there can be significant cost savings. In addition, swimming in full sun is also much more pleasant. Therefore, see which areas of your garden have the most hours of sunshine

Take shade into account in the location of your pool
Your house and any trees in your yard can provide shade. If your pool is partially shaded, heating the water takes more energy. Moreover, swimming in the shade feels unpleasant more quickly. If you have small children, it is advisable to create a shaded area at the shallow end to protect their sensitive skin from sunburns. For the proper orientation of your pool, determine which parts of the garden are in or out of shade and keep that in mind.

Safety is also important when determining the location of your pool
Do you have small children or pets running loose? Then it is wise to pay extra attention to safety when determining the location of your pool. You want as much view of your garden and your children from your home as possible. If so, keep the distance from your pool to your home as small as possible. If you have a large yard, the optimal location of your pool may require a greater distance between your house and the pool. Then have a separate pool house built where you can keep a close eye on your children. Safety in your yard is also increased by installing a Roldeck® pool cover on your pool.

Also consider the immediate surroundings of your pool. Wood decking is slip-resistant if you regularly remove green deposits. The tiles around your pool are best left with a rough texture to reduce fall hazards.

What do you want to place around your pool?
Did you consider your filter pump when orienting your pool? The farther your filter is from your pool, the harder the pump has to work. You can properly place your filtration system in a pool house, located up to 15 feet from your pool. Whether you choose wooden decking or a tiled floor, it is wise to maintain a clearance of at least one and a half feet around your pool. Once you have determined the location of your pool, take enough space to place comfortable sun beds and a lounge area. This way you can be sure that you will spend many enjoyable hours in your garden.

Have you determined the correct location of your pool?
Have you determined the correct location of your pool? Do you know what amenities you need to fully enjoy your leisure time in your own garden? If so, please contact Starline. We have various pools in different sizes, with all kinds of accessories.

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