How do you maintain a patio?

How do you maintain a patio?

We say: everything outside needs maintenance. So does a Tablazz outdoor parquet. How intensive this maintenance is depends on the finish and location of the patio. Even if you prefer as little maintenance as possible, there are wonderful options of materials and finishes. We’ll take you through our maintenance advice!

Low maintenance with untreated outdoor parquet
If you want as little maintenance as possible, we recommend going for composite or untreated outdoor parquet. Untreated, outdoor parquet will completely gray over time and you don’t need to do anything else for this. Both variants only need to be swept occasionally and cleaned once or twice a year; thus you get a low-maintenance patio in your home! This is best done with a polisher with a brush and a good cleaning product that also removes green deposits. We recommend Woca Exterior Cleaner.

Tip: We only work with smooth decking boards which makes maintenance much easier. Smooth planks mean lower maintenance frequency and less tarnish!

Maintaining oiled outdoor parquet
If your patio is treated with an oil, we recommend repeating this after about 6 months for long-term protection and optimal color retention. After that, it’s a matter of repeating the oil treatment once a year before spring starts so you can enjoy a beautiful patio to the fullest. Beforehand, always clean it well as described earlier. Looking for a suitable patio oil? We recommend the patio oil from Woca or Rubio Monocoat. Note: If you choose Rubio’s oil and repeat the oil treatment within 1 year, the color will remain beautiful for 2-5 years. So if you want to minimize maintenance, it’s best to go for Rubo Monocoat’s oil. They call the exterior oil the Hybrid Wood Protector.

Green scale removal
If your patio is under a canopy, in the shade or under a row of trees, more clutter and wetness will remain on the patio. This creates green deposits, which means a good cleaning 2 rather than once a year. For this, you have special green deposit removers that deal with the dirt. Graying will be slower in the shade, so perhaps oiling once a year will still be sufficient. Practice will tell!

Tip: If you sweep your patio regularly and make sure no leaves or dirt remain on it, you can largely prevent green deposits.

De-graying is also possible!
If you have an oiled patio and do not want it to turn gray, you will need to keep up the maintenance described above carefully. If you don’t do this, the wood will completely gray within a year. No worries; even then you can go back to a beautifully oiled wood color. Then clean it first with a wood degreaser and then re-finish it with a patio oil and your outdoor parquet will be like new again!

Does outdoor parquet become slippery?
We say: the outdoor parquet itself does not become slippery, the green deposits that develop that become slippery. This can occur on both wood and composite. What is very important to pass along is that this depends greatly on the location of the patio. If a patio is in full sun on a balcony without shrubs with adequate ventilation, green deposits will not develop. If the patio is shaded in a wooded area, deposits are more likely to form. To remove green deposits, we recommend Woca Exterior Cleaner. It cleans the wood, removes green stains and preserves any grayish appearance. In addition, this cleaner has a “nourishing” effect that makes new deposits less likely to appear. Depending on the location, the patio will need to be cleaned about once – twice a year.

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