How do you protect your garden furniture from weather & wind?

How do you protect your garden furniture from weather & wind?

You would prefer to enjoy your garden set for as long as possible. First of all, when you decide to invest in a set, you need to be convinced of the look. In addition, be sure that your garden set will remain in top condition for years to come!

After all, garden furniture gets the most abuse of all your furniture at home. All year round they brave weather & wind. Therefore, they are also immediately the furniture where quality is of utmost importance.

At Royal Botania, we pride ourselves on the resilience of all our garden sets. They are therefore manufactured in materials of the highest quality. We would like to give you an insight into what materials and products we use to ensure that our garden furniture remains protected from weather and wind for years to come.

What are the strongest materials for a garden set?

Quality garden furniture is built from several components. For example, a lounge or chair consists of a frame, the covering and the cushions. In turn, a table consists of a frame and a table top.

Every piece of garden furniture has its favorite materials ranging from teak, to aluminum. Read on to discover the highest quality, most resilient materials that will give you decades of enjoyment from your garden set….

The best materials for the frame of your outdoor furniture

Choose the most resilient materials for the frame of your outdoor furniture. Some of the qualities we value highly for this are:

  • Stainless;
  • Washed up against both high and low temperatures;
  • No impact from water, wind and salt.

If you take these characteristics into account, you end up with three strong materials: stainless steel, coated aluminum and teak.

These materials are slightly more expensive than other wood & metal or plastic alternatives, but you can count on them for longer. At Royal Botania, for example, we regularly get customers who purchased a garden set 25 years ago. They come not because they need a new set, but because they want a different cushion set for once! That way they can enjoy it for another 30 years!

At RoyalBotania, we almost exclusively use stainless steel, coated aluminum or teak for the frame of our garden furniture.

In addition, Royal Botania is committed to circular timber construction . The Teak wood we use in production comes from 100% legally harvested and traceable. We also planted 250,000 Teak trees in 2010. In this way, we give more back to the planet than we ever use.

The best materials for covering your outdoor furniture

The combination between comfort and resilience has to be Batyline. This woven fabric offers immeasurable comfort while being armed against any weather. Batyline is a lightweight, quick-drying and elastic fabric that moisture has no recourse against.

Although Batyline is a very comfortable material, for a real lounge feel, you can opt for cushions in which you can sag. In doing so, choose our special open-cell structure. In outdoor cushions with an open-cell structure, water runs smoothly through the fabric without adhering to it. All this without sacrificing comfort.

What measures do you take to protect garden furniture from inclement weather?

Although our garden sets can handle it, you may choose to put your garden set inside, or under a covered patio, during the winter months. This means your set comes into less contact with bad weather & dirt and you’ll have less cleaning to do after a long winter. And besides: modern garden sets are made to provide the comfort you deserve indoors as well.

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Don’t have the space to place your garden furniture covered or inside? Then we have elegant, custom-made protective covers for winter use.

The right maintenance products for your outdoor furniture

While strong materials do not decrease in strength and quality, weather conditions can act on their color. For example, a white garden set does not look as bright after a brisk winter as it did before. Especially when you stand them in a damp place.

Fortunately, there are plenty of maintenance products that will get your set back in top condition in no time.

This is how teak ages after a while. Rain and UV radiation give teak furniture a silver sheen. There is nothing wrong with that in itself: a gray man also has his charm. But, do you want that original teak color back? Then use Royal Botania’s Teak Maintenance set. This will protect your Teak garden furniture from aging, restoring them back to their original condition.

Stainless steel can also incur some signs of use due to weather conditions. There may be a layer of dirt on it, or even some moss. Not to worry, the Stainless Steel Cleaner will get your set back in top condition.

Finally, you have the Batyline stringing. It is perfectly resistant to any weather condition. But, because of its woven structure, some dirt can creep in over time. Use the Batyline Fibre Cleaner to get rid of this.

A garden set resistant to wind and weather: an investment worth making

Pat. A quality garden set armed against the forces of Mother Nature is a slightly larger investment. There’s no getting around that. But in the long run, it is one that is worth it. Buying a cheaper garden set? If so, it will experience quicker problems with weather conditions, and it will need replacement sooner.

At Royal Botania, we offer a generous warranty on all of our products. Moreover, we own our production, therefore we can repair everything should damage occur. Even products purchased 25-30 years ago can be given new life. The longer a product lasts the smaller its ecological impact.

Come discover which garden set you will enjoy for years to come. Find a distributor near you here.

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