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Icon in the spotlight: Arrangement Round by Michael Anastassiades

Icon in the spotlight: Arrangement Round by Michael Anastassiades

Each design piece is a work of art in itself. In "Icons in the Spotlight," read all about one of Nu Art & Design's iconic objects; from the characteristics of the design piece itself to the idiosyncrasies of the designer.

The days are getting shorter, it's getting dark earlier and earlier. And also because we could all use a bright spot right now, we are highlighting a beautiful lighting object: the Arrangement Round by Michael Anastassiades.

'Light exists in so many beautiful dimensions in nature. I consider myself lucky if I can capture such a moment.' Michael Anastassiades.

"Beautiful and good lighting is an ornament to any space," says designer Michael Anastassiades. 'Jewelry and lighting decorate our lives. Both are accessories, each in its own way. Just like jewelry we wear to beautify ourselves, we can use light to highlight a space.'

An ornament for your home
The nine individual elements of this special pendant lamp are based on the shapes of jewelry, a necklace, a ring, an earring. Anastassiades translated them into a line, the circle, the square and the drop. The lamp's open shapes and lines are made of aluminum and contain an LED bulb.

These different shapes are available in multiple sizes. Thus, you can compose the lamp completely to your liking. From a single shape to adorn a corner in your living room, to a long lamp with multiple modules to accentuate the height of a hallway, for example.

It is a beautiful spectacle, multiple objects balancing under each other, spreading their warm light in your space.

A creative
If you ask Anastassiades how he sees himself, as an artist or as a designer, he says, "as a creative person. This creative person is known for his exclusive lighting and design objects. His work is unique, unpredictable and constantly changing. Without exception, his work is of high quality. Great care is also taken in production. His designs are made in family-run businesses around the world. The Arrangements series is made by a family-owned Italian company. Each object is handmade and labeled by the designer.

Anastassiades' studio collaborates with several design labels, including renowned Italian lighting studio FLOS. The Arrangements lighting series was introduced by FLOS in 2018 at Milan Design Week.

Michael Anastassiades' designs are included in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Art Institute of Chicago and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, among others. In Europe, his work was shown in several solo exhibitions.

The Arrangements series comes into its own in many interiors. The nine different individual light objects allow you to compose the lamp entirely according to your own wishes. In our gallery, you can currently admire the Arrangement Round. This lamp contains one circle. Want to know more about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us or stop by the gallery. We are happy to give you personal advice.

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