Iconic faucets from VOLA also available in PVD coatings

Iconic faucets from VOLA also available in PVD coatings

Design lovers and connoisseurs of Danish VOLA know that this renowned brand has a very wide range of faucets, showers, accessories and towel warmers in a timeless design of very high quality. But the fact that all items are available in 27 different colors, including 8 PVD coatings, may be less widely known. Of course, colors like chrome, brushed stainless steel and matte black remain as popular as ever, but since the advent of PVD coatings, they are becoming more common.

PVD is a very strong coating, which provides a beautifully smooth layer that does not oxidize and is resistant to most cleaning agents. Moreover, the production process is very environmentally friendly. VOLA makes the PVD coatings the same way the entire range is made: with a combination of Scandinavian craftsmanship and the latest technology. This is done by a dedicated team of employees, which takes pride in manufacturing only the best quality, in its own factory in Denmark. So the production process is self-controlled and monitored from A to Z.

It has resulted in 8 beautiful colors: shiny, deep and brushed black (gunmetal), shiny and brushed copper, shiny and brushed gold and shiny nickel. The fact that in addition to the basin, bath and shower taps, all accessories and even the towel warmer can be supplied in such a special finish produces the most wonderful sanitary rooms in which luxury and elegant design predominate and all elements are harmoniously matched.

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