Interior trend: OWAplan® acoustic ceilings

Interior trend: OWAplan® acoustic ceilings

It is probably the most underestimated and invisible form of luxury in the living pleasure category: good acoustics. In the design phase, almost no one thinks about the acoustic end result: all visual aspects take priority. Until the first time you have the house full of visitors. Or want an evening of intimate drinks with music or a good movie. Only then do you notice how much influence acoustics have on the atmosphere in your home.

OWA is one of our partners dedicated to improving the acoustic environment in homes. With the product OWAplan® they offer an alternative to unwanted acoustic necessities such as thick curtains, additional rugs or acoustic wall panels. OWA’s exclusive seamless ceiling system looks like stucco but offers the highest possible acoustic comfort. OWAplan® is loved by architects of leading museums, hotels and universities for good reason: it brings acoustic warmth to any type of space. Even in minimalist interiors with large windows. That makes OWAplan® perfect for the entrance hall, kitchen, living room or bathroom, for example.

Villas and OWAplan®, a good combination?
With its A-absorption class, OWAplan® is highly suitable for architects who seek perfection. The proven suspension system provides flexibility in terms of hanging height and creates space above the ceiling for technical installation work. High-quality acoustic panels are attached to the suspension system, in which elements such as lighting, speakers, climate control and safety devices are concealed to the millimeter. Finally, at least 3 coats of acoustic spray paint are applied. Any RAL color is possible, as well as complex shapes or curves. The end result: a sleek ceiling surface that absorbs sound waves, providing ultimate living comfort even without upholstery or furniture. Regardless of the number of people around the kitchen table or the noise level of children playing or dogs barking.

OWAplan® in practice
“Architects often only include OWAplan® in the specifications for the living room and/or kitchen,” explains Leon Spijkers, acoustic consultant at OWA. “When the future residents visit during construction, the high level of acoustic comfort really hits home. After which they often still order OWAplan® to be applied throughout the home. We of course assist the architect with advice and acoustic measurements, for a good end result. And thanks to an extensive network of approved OWAplan® installers in the Netherlands and Belgium, we can offer the quality that clients such as Hilton Hotels, Schiphol Airport and Museum Voorlinden have also chosen.”

OWA Green Circle
With OWAplan®, OWA focuses primarily on the premium segment in terms of residential construction. Leon Spijkers: “Our target group does not skimp on luxury and likes to invest in a timeless top quality home. Advanced home automation and security, exclusive natural stone, large window surfaces, high-end audio installations: OWAplan® brings all these choices into harmony, for the eye and the ear. The ceiling solution also meets the most stringent requirements in terms of fire safety, hygiene, moisture resistance and air quality. And the ceiling is ecologically responsible: the ceiling tiles consist of a biodegradable mineral wool and are 100% recyclable within our OWA Green Circle recycling system. Homes thus become not only kinder to the eyes and ears, but also to the environment.”

Wondering what OWAplan® can do for your design or home? Visit for additional information or request a free product sample directly at this link.

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