Interview Iris Sitaram: so nice that we created two spaces

Interview Iris Sitaram: so nice that we created two spaces

In the living kitchen, we don’t just prepare our food. It is the place where we gather with friends and family. A space where cooking, living and living blend seamlessly. Iris had long dreamed of this cozy place where everyone feels at home. What role do steel doors play in this?

Create your ideal place
Iris enthusiastically explains why she wanted steel doors: “We wanted to split the downstairs into two rooms. By installing steel doors, we were able to create a living kitchen. But we wanted a special door because it would immediately serve as a huge eye-catcher/furniture piece.”

Why Exclusive Steel?
She explains: “The sticking point was that there is a lot of the same thing on offer. We were looking for a special door, preferably handmade. We started searching on google for a company nearby that specializes in this and came across Exclusive Steel’s website. After fine mail contact and a tour of the beautiful showroom, we were sold. The explanation of the possibilities together with the examples in the showroom won us over.”

Special design with round shapes
One steel door in the showroom caught her eye in particular. Iris tells which one: “The bronze-colored door with the round lines. We ended up going for this door as well. Soon Leo came by to take measurements. He really thought along with us. For example, that it would be nice to place the door about 7 centimeters to the back. Then the kitchen would not be a square space but it would break just a bit at that point.”

The hand-drawn impression sketch
Iris remembers well when the pen drawing came in: “The mood drawing gave such a good idea of what it was going to look like. This also made it easier for us to make a choice. It was also no trouble at all for Exclusive Steel to adjust the drawing a few times.”

And then that’s it!
Iris: “We were really looking forward to the day the doors were delivered. They came in two strong and had everything neatly covered. I thought it was special to see how the glass was attached on the spot between the two steel frames. Truly a piece of craftsmanship!”

Sophisticated and luxurious
Iris enjoys her steel doors: “The steel doors are really an eye-catcher in our house. We get so many enthusiastic responses to them. The steel door really emphasizes the height of the house. The bronze color blends beautifully with the rest of the interior and it’s so nice that we were able to create the now two spaces.”

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Naftali Leidelmeijer, Exclusive Steel

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