Is a cast floor in the kitchen convenient? Of course!

Is a cast floor in the kitchen convenient? Of course!

A PU cast floor is completely seamless and liquid-proof, and thus resistant to spills of coffee, tea, wine, food, oil, etc. However, do not leave colored liquids for too long so that they do not have a chance to stain.

Make your kitchen a statement
Anything goes! Not only does the sleek design of our cast floors give a modern and minimalist look…how about an industrial look, for example, with a tough cement-based concrete look floor? But our floors also look great in a country or Scandinavian style. Because of the different options in colors and materials, you can go either way and turn your kitchen into a real gem!

About DRT
DRT floors is a pioneer in the application of cast floors in homes, stores, offices, … and by now it is impossible to imagine interior design without them. We think along in the preliminary process, deliver craftsmanship and stand for quality, service and customer focus. For appropriate advice, please visit one of our showrooms.

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