Jumbo Leefcomfort from Barneveld continues as Van van Ee in Ede

Jumbo Leefcomfort from Barneveld continues as Van van Ee in Ede

Van van Ee designs, develops and installs luxury patio covers with a primary focus on high-end consumers. Last year, the development of a new office with design studio, workshop and showroom was hard at work on the road (the A12 near Ede to be precise). This new business building is slated to open in early 2020. A move that in parallel brought with it a new brand name, identity and look, which collectively they say “better aligns with the mission to help people enjoy the outdoors in optimal comfort.”

For thirty-five years, the family business operated from Barneveld in the market for blinds and shutters. With the slogan “As strong as an elephant,” indicating the quality of the products, the development and sale of patio covers added to this the core business of today. After Gerard “the son of” Gerrit van Ee (founder of the family business in 1984 and still active in the business) joined the company in 2000, he quickly became the behind-the-scenes driving force behind the development of a series of his own designer canopies. He has since become more prominent as the face of Van Ee and has a clear vision of both the industry and the direction the company must take to become a design brand. A transition that began more than three years ago with the search for a new, more distinctive company name and logo.

In recent years, as Van van Ee (then Jumbo) began to serve more and more of the higher end, its association with the nationally known supermarket chain no longer made sense. After some wandering, the family business ended up with its own family name. The addition of an extra “Van” found the distinctive element that makes the family name a brand name: Van van Ee. The family feeling is also reflected in the product names of the patio covers, where human first names have been chosen, such as Joan (wooden), Luc (aluminum), Vince (slats) and Alysa. The latter is the newest member of the patio cover family. An elegant model characterized by a design made of 90% glass, for which it won the German Design Award 2020(s).

With the name change and the move from the overly cramped, classic office in Barneveld to the spacious, modern building at a high visibility location along the A12 in/near Ede, Van van Ee is ready for the future. All patio covers can be admired by appointment on the second floor, where the in-house “Van van van Eexperience,” as they call the showroom, is located.

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