Kalfire E-one: four new models join our range of multi-award-winning contemporary electric fireplaces

Kalfire E-one: four new models join our range of multi-award-winning contemporary electric fireplaces

This fuel-free and flueless fireplace with patented holographic technology for an ultra-realistic fire has endless installation options and suits today’s lifestyle.

For those who want the ambiance of a fire with the convenience and lasting benefits of an electric fireplace, the Kalfire E-one offers an unparalleled experience. The unique holographic technology provides breathtakingly realistic fire at the touch of a button. The many options allow the user to create the atmosphere that suits the mood from the comfort of their home: the flame pattern, flame height and intensity of the flames, the glow of the ash bed, the sound of pine or the quieter crackle of beech, with or without heating (Atmos Heating is available as an option for recessed models). With this state-of-the-art contemporary electric fireplace, Dutch manufacturer Kalfire is once again setting the trend for the future of fire.

Endless installation possibilities
Launched in 2020, the Kalfire E-one has already won four design awards and also convinces its customers worldwide. The original front model (E-one 100F, with a width of 100 cm) has recently been joined by a larger format with a width of 130 cm (E-one 130F) as well as two corner models (E-one 130CR, E-one 130CL) and a three-sided model (E-one 130S). This increases the possibility of enjoying a fireplace in an almost infinite number of interiors or positions in a room. Every E-one model has the same advantages: no flue or gas supply is needed, there are no emissions and the flames do not give off direct heat, making the fireplace safe and durable. All you need for an unparalleled fire experience is an electrical outlet!

“You have to see it to believe it.”
While images of the Kalfire E-one display its captivating realism, the full experience with natural sparks, dynamic flame play and the sound of crackling wood explains why this revolutionary product has won over design juries and customers alike. Its success has made Kalfire one of the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands.

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