Kalfire gas fires: first to be ready for a hydrogen future

Kalfire gas fires: first to be ready for a hydrogen future

As a manufacturer of high-quality fireplaces, we closely follow developments in the field of renewable energy. Thus, we see hydrogen playing an increasingly prominent role in the energy transition. In Europe, gas suppliers are already mixing hydrogen with the gas. That’s the future. And for that future, as the first gas fireplace manufacturer, we are all set now. In fact, research has shown that our gas fires, without modification, burn flawlessly on a mixture of hydrogen and gas. This makes Kalfire gas fires future-proof. In other words, H2-ready.

Durable fire
At Kalfire, we have a clear mission: with sustainable fire, we want to connect people. We are therefore driven to thoroughly explore new forms of energy. As a company, we are constantly investing in that. Not only our own R&D department is working intensively on this. We also participate in international surveys at renowned European testing bodies. It provides us with valuable new insights.

Innovation in your home
In our gas fireplaces, we always apply the very latest technologies. This means that, with our products, you will be at the forefront of sustainability, safety and ambience not only now, but also in the future. With a Kalfire gas fireplace, you are H2-ready.

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