Kitchen countertops – What all should I consider?

Kitchen countertops – What all should I consider?

The kitchen worktop largely determines the look of the kitchen. It is important to think carefully about the type of countertop you choose. In fact, each kitchen worktop has different special properties. We take you through the various choices in kitchen countertops!

Ceramic Kitchen Countertop
One of the best materials you can have in your kitchen is ceramic. It is a light yet extremely sturdy material. It is a heat-resistant kitchen surface and easy to keep clean. However, it is important that you never use abrasives or chemicals on a ceramic top! It is highly resistant to scratches and wear, but it is always possible that sharp objects can cause damage. The great thing about ceramics is that they come in beautiful prints!

Granite kitchen countertop
Granite is 100% a natural product, so every countertop is unique. Granite gives a luxurious appearance. The material is rock hard, making it scratch and acid resistant. However, it also has drawbacks. For example, the material is slightly porous, which allows moisture to penetrate the countertop fairly quickly and can damage the countertop beyond repair. Also, granite can become matted as a result of use.

Composite kitchen countertop
A composite countertop is composed of various materials and thus not a 100% natural product. In contrast, it has a natural and luxurious appearance. Thanks to its manufacturing process, it is extremely strong and available in every possible color. One disadvantage of composite is that it is heat sensitive. Discoloration and cracking may occur on the top if you put a hot pan on it.

Marble kitchen countertop
Marble is a natural product and therefore requires maintenance. It is a heat-resistant top but despite that, you never want to place a red-hot pan on marble because of the risk of discoloration or burning of the surface. Scratching is possible but very unlikely. The disadvantages of marble are that it darkens slightly over time and colored liquids can cause possible stains.

Solid Surface Kitchen Countertop
A Solid Surface kitchen countertop has many advantages over other kitchen countertops. The top has no seams and gives a sleek look. Another advantage is that the top can be easily repaired in case of any scratches and bumps. Solid Surface is available in many different colors and textures. However, there are also disadvantages. Hairline cracks can develop quickly when the material comes into contact with high temperatures. In addition, Solid Surface is on average more expensive than other tops.

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