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Kitchen Inspiration

Kitchen Inspiration

The kitchen is no longer a functional place to cook. This space is now the beating heart of the house where everyone loves to gather. The kitchen is central to the home and family. It is therefore important that the kitchen be a place where you feel comfortable. We collected some great examples of extraordinary kitchens for some kitchen inspiration.

Neolith Zaha Stone - An everyman's friend
The Neolith Zaha Stone is a ceramic type with a marble look. This type of ceramic has a light gray color with fine white veins. The light gray color is easy to combine with both light and dark shades. The Zaha Stone fits well with a variety of styles due to its appearance and gives the kitchen a cool look and feel. Neolith is ideal as a kitchen countertop because it is resistant to scratches, high temperatures, chemicals and UV rays.

Arabescato Scuro Polished - A natural stone gem.
Natural stone countertops in kitchens are in high demand. Classic look, pleasant work, natural material, durable and all in all a good investment! Marble is a hard stone, making it a good material choice for the kitchen. It is easy to maintain and provides a luxurious atmosphere.

Arabescato Scuro Polished was used in this kitchen. The sheet is a whopping 6.30 long and the plate is in open book. The end of the top is also a floating bar where you can easily sit as many as six people. The combination of different shades of gray, white veins and the gold plumbing make this a real eye-catcher.

Neolith Iron Grey - A floating kitchen countertop
Recently, timeless light kitchens have increasingly had to give way to a new trend: dark kitchens. Now that they are on the map, there seems to be no stopping their growing popularity, which is quite understandable! These kitchens are great eye-catchers, bring atmosphere to the home, look luxurious and are suitable for any style of kitchen.

This dark kitchen is equipped with all modern appliances. Air spots were installed in the ceiling. The top is placed on legs so that the Neolith floats optically. The black faucet, cooktop and ovens blend nicely into the stone slab material, keeping the Neolith's attention.

Neolith Abu Dhabi White - A new design.
In 2020, Neolith introduced the Six:S collection. The Abu Dhabi White is part of this new line. And as seen above, can be beautifully incorporated as a kitchen worktop. White kitchens are unprecedentedly popular within every interior design style. This is because white is timeless and, like black, can be combined well with other colors or wood. Also, because of the light color, a white kitchen creates a spacious feeling. This leaf has soft gold veins and flint gray speckles, which create a subtle and delicate look. Combined with the texture of natural unpolished stone, this slab creates a refreshing and minimalist look-and-feel.

Magna Glass Ceramics Polar White - Something a little different.
Glass ceramics is one of the latest innovative materials in the architecture and design industry: the material is made entirely from recycled waste from glass products and is partly made by hand. Each slab of Glass Ceramics is different because the materials have a unique translucent effect. With each exposure, the plate is a different color. Glass ceramic has different colors, each with its own recycled material.

The modern country kitchen is characterized by its sleek open appearance. In recent years, wood has been used more and more in combination with other materials for contrast. Worksheets are thin and often made of ceramic. The country atmosphere of this kitchen combined with the modern top, floating wooden shelves and gold knobs create a harmonious whole.

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