Kitchens: how do we proceed as interior designers?

Kitchens: how do we proceed as interior designers?

DC Interior Joinery specializes in interior joinery. This includes built-in cabinets, custom cabinetry, dressings, stairs, interior doors, etc. This also includes kitchens, of course; they are a big part of our realizations. However, we find that potential customers sometimes hesitate: why should they have their kitchen made and/or installed by a cabinetmaker?

There are a huge number of specialists on the market that exclusively offer kitchens. Customers logically think of them first and foremost. After all, since a kitchen is often the first component around which a home is formed, customers rightly attach great importance to it.

Although the link between kitchens and a cabinetmaker may not be obvious to everyone, DC Interior Joinery can offer particular expertise and assets in the field. Therefore, we are happy to explain how we design and install custom kitchens.

Design and 3D image
As with other interior joinery, we are happy to assist the customer with the necessary advice during the design phase. Starting point is the setup. The customer must answer which devices they prefer and how they will be positioned. Cabinet layout and organization are also crucial. With us, everything is tested to perfection. Since this is custom work, anything is negotiable. A drawn-out design and 3D image give a better understanding of all the details discussed, which is how you as a client really get a realistic picture of the space.

In addition, the choice of materials is also important. A preference for laminate, lacquer or veneer? We are happy to explain the differences and possibilities. What worktop fits this nicely and what are the options here? Raised, mitred side rail, composite, Dekton or ceramic? With us, you can seek advice to make informed choices.

Everything we do is customized. This means that we never work with fixed sizes and always make sure that everything fits perfectly. To do that we analyze the space, also we always consider alignment.

Thanks to this customization, we are flexible and everything is negotiable, think of the following elements:

  • Stock cabinets with shelves or interior drawers
  • Pot drawers under the cooktop
  • Custom trash can system
  • Specifications
  • Power outlets embedded in an island or cabinet
  • Open or lockable breakfast niche
  • Recessed LED lighting
  • Choice of handles: handle-less, surface-mounted handle, milled handle, beveled handle, tip-on ,…

Of course, the choice of material is important. On the basis of samples we are happy to discuss with the customer which materials are possible, which corresponding possibilities this offers and which combinations go nicely together.

Has the customer seen an example or material of their own that we cannot show? Then we will be happy to search for a supplier and then request the necessary samples for this.

Details and techniques
Interior design often revolves around details. Finish and alignment distinguish quality from lesser work. Everything flows from the space and design of the kitchen. In the process, we also take a thorough look at technical issues. For example, a flashy grille is not always visually pleasing. With DC Interior Joinery, we consider alternatives. We also provide a technical plan so that the techniques are provided in the right place according to the design.

Everything is discussed in detail. In short, a kitchen COMPLETELY customized is what we strive for, both aesthetically and practically.

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