Launch new ceramic bathroom collection: infinite possibilities that can be completely customized

Launch new ceramic bathroom collection: infinite possibilities that can be completely customized

by Luciën van de Ven | Owner & Designer of B Dutch

Modern, durable and highly suitable for use in washrooms. Just three properties that perfectly explain the material ceramic. A bathroom collection made of ceramic. Groundbreaking and one of a kind.

An innovative step
After a year of designing, we managed to develop an entirely new bathroom collection in our own factory. In addition to our successful bathroom concepts made of high quality Solid Surface Corian, I am proud to launch our bathroom collection made of ceramic.

The ceramic plumbing market is an inexhaustible source of possibilities. Thus, the material is available in indistinguishable replicas of marble, wood and even steel. As a result, our ceramic sinks, bathroom furniture and toilet fountains, among others, can be assembled completely as desired within the concepts we have devised.

a sink and a mirror

An inimitable way of producing
Our innovative ceramic bathroom concepts are one of a kind. By processing the material in a specialized way, we can glue the ceramic virtually seamlessly. In doing so, we not only seek the boundaries of the market, but also push them.

Thereby, our factory is specifically geared to work with large sheets. These are cut with extreme precision using a water jet to produce not only ceramic wall elements, but also shower floors, for example, from a single material. As a result, there is a lot of interest not only from consumers but also from the hotel industry.

a room with a sink and a mirror

Proven creativity that you must experience for yourself
Our factory showroom in Cuijk (near Nijmegen) brings together all the specific knowledge needed to turn your bathroom into a true oasis of luxury. From design to production. With our new ceramic bathroom collection alongside the already existing Corian bathroom concepts, we are adding to this.

Because we house our entire collection in one location, consumers and partners such as interior designers can always be provided with sound advice on the limitless possibilities within our collection.

Would you like to come see our ceramic bathroom collection in real life? Then make an appointment to visit our factory showroom or feel free to walk in to get your own inspiration. Can’t wait and want more information about our ceramic bathroom concepts? Then check out the inspiration page on our website.

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