Laura Ponticorvo shares her experience with TWIN DOORS: The perfect door for stylish interiors

<strong>Laura Ponticorvo shares her experience with TWIN DOORS: The perfect door for stylish interiors</strong>

At, we are always looking for inspiring stories of people taking their interiors to the next level. This time we spoke with well-known influencer and television personality Laura Ponticorvo about her experience with TWIN DOORS. Laura recently purchased a door from TWIN DOORS for her home, and she is happy to share her enthusiasm about the functionality, design and quality of the door.

How has TWIN DOORS’ door made a difference in your home? “We chose the door in the hallway that provides a wonderful separation between 2 different living rooms. In fact, we have a front room and a back room. We have 2 indoor cats and a dog. When they are in the back room, they cannot walk through the hallway itself to the front, where the front door is also present. Which is often open to transport stuff in and out of the house. I myself work in the back room so all the noise and noise from the kitchen and front room are now really separated and I really like that. Besides the fact that it is very convenient to create a kind of separation between two large rooms, I also find it very chic and beautiful. The hallway also suddenly seems a lot more spacious now.”

What attracted you to the door of TWIN DOORS? “The color and material immediately appealed to me! Furthermore, I took advice and am mega happy with the outcome!”

How has the door contributed to the look of your home? “The door is really an eye catcher now! So this is in the entry hallway which immediately gives you a chic vibe when you enter and as I said before, it also looks bigger now! This combined with the mirror and frame of the same material and color really completes the hallway and lights up the whole house!”

How did you end up at TWIN DOORS? “Through a friend, Guido Spek! I saw a really beautiful Twin Door in his interior! Instantly fell in love and after visiting the TWIN DOORS headquarters I was soon out!”

What do you think is the most impressive aspect of TWIN DOORS? “Design and quality! And that’s very good at TWIN DOORS! They can make anything and fulfill your wishes!”

What was the process of choosing the design and color of the door? “We looked together at the space, at the rest of the house and together came to the decision of which design and color would look best. It couldn’t have been better!”

What makes your door from TWIN DOORS unique? “It’s unique because of the two uneven sections that fit perfectly in our hallway. It looks much wider than one door, and it is. The color of the frame and glass, the handle, basically everything! I’ve seen many pivot doors in people’s homes, but mine from TWIN DOORS I think is the most beautiful!”

Stable door

Do you have specific features of the door that you would like to highlight? “Definitely! The color of the glass and the color of the door! I thought translucent glass would be nice, but then they recommended smoked glass to me! Many times nicer for our home! So I am so, so, so happy with the result!”

Would you recommend Twin Doors to others? “100%! I even did it already and they too are a satisfied customer with a beautiful beautiful door as well.”

How did Twin Doors’ door finish your home? “It really completes your home! It gives your house a certain allure, and upon entering you feel that immediately, and that just because of the door. I think it’s clever and beautiful that a door puts your whole house down in a certain way. Highly recommended! Very beautiful and practical, and in our case with a baby and many pets, also safe. It feels nice that I know they can no longer run to the front door when it’s open.”

Are you looking for a door that is not only functional, but also a stylish addition to your interior? Laura Ponticorvo shares her enthusiasm about her experience with TWIN DOORS, a partner that excels in design and quality. The interview reveals how the door of TWIN DOORS helped to separate spaces in Laura’s home, while also giving a chic look to the entryway. TWIN DOORS manages to distinguish itself through unique designs, high-quality materials and attention to detail.

Want more inspiration? Then be sure to take a look at the company profile of TWIN DOORS on, be inspired by the possibilities and transform your home with a beautiful door from TWIN DOORS.

Steel door
Mirror and stable door
With matching mirror
The frame of the family portrait was also supplied matchingly by TWIN DOORS
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