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Laurens Bathrooms guides you to an exclusive total interior

Laurens Bathrooms guides you to an exclusive total interior

With new construction, renovation or a home remodel, you will face many choices; you don't have to make them all on your own. After obtaining the permit, you will probably start meeting with the architect soon. This is also already the time to involve an interior design specialist. Laurens Bathrooms likes to think with you from an early stage. So that your home gets the right design to realize your dream interior.

Guidance on total concept
In addition to designing exclusive bathrooms, Laurens Bathrooms is also happy to assist you in the overall design of your home. By joining us as early as the sketches of the floor plan, any changes can still be made in a timely manner. Consider piping, electricity and drainage, as well as the lighting plan or window layout. This will prevent the need for additional work later or concessions in your interior design choices.

Your own style
To ensure that you actually feel at home in your house, the interior design specialist will work with you to find your own style. The designers at Laurens Bathrooms would like to invite you for a personal introduction. So that you have an idea of what they can do for you and so that they can get a good idea of your needs, preferences and tastes. In a mood board, they quickly summarize your personality into a unique and exclusive look.

Making choices easily
The showroom displays many examples of materials, shapes, fabrics, colors, brands and decoration, in addition, furniture can be made exclusively for you at a furniture workshop. Many choices, but they become a lot easier thanks to the personal style already developed for and with you. Laurens Bathrooms dares to challenge you with surprising combinations and always assures honest advice. When you are completely satisfied, a 3D design is created and your new interior begins to live more and more.

Optimal living experience
By applying your personal style in different living spaces, but giving each one just a different character, Laurens creates cohesion and connection in the home. Thus, you will experience an optimal living experience in your own home. Curious about what Laurens can do for you, feel free to contact us (early in the construction project) at

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