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Life is a celebration

Life is a celebration

Seize the day, celebrate life! There are so many moments that make life so beautiful, the arrival of a little one, a new house, a birthday, an anniversary, getting your degree or the long-awaited retirement. How fun is it to add extra cachet to these special milestones; with festive clothes or a special outfit that lets you shine. Or treat yourself to something beautiful for your interior or give someone else this special gift. That will make you happy yourself. Berden likes to think and celebrate with you. Cheers, to life!

The Leolux Cream armchair is a comfortable and beautiful armchair. A characteristic feature of this armchair is its curved wooden shell. This shell, in walnut or oak, can be upholstered in fabric or leather. This version adds a touch more elegance to the recliner. Furthermore, the Cream armchair is equipped with a comfortable headrest that ensures optimal relaxation. For even more comfort, this armchair is available with a matching footstool.

With its simple shape, clever details and natural materials, the Auping Noa bed is a beautiful design with a Scandinavian twist. The bed was made with love, and you can tell. The headboard is open or completely closed. The frame has beautiful curves and the legs have a subtle milled edge. The bed consists of only soft shapes, which creates a peaceful atmosphere. In addition, the bed is supported by casters and tapered legs, making it seem as if the bed is floating through the bedroom.

The Pode Melloo sofa is a Dutch design. The sofa has an inviting and friendly look that lets creativity run wild with its many options. The special detail about this sofa is that the elements are linked together with one leg, which creates a calm and serene look. The beautiful decorative stitching further emphasizes the shape of the sofa.

The Havee Lake bench is a Dutch design that focused on freedom and flexibility. This combined with the aesthetics of high quality designer furniture. The angled legs keep it airy. The sofa can be fully assembled according to personal taste and available space.

The Jori Daydreamer recliner is a beautiful recliner best described by the words generous and nestable. The armchair can be recognized by its organic curves and soft, comfortable feel. The fluid lines and rounded shapes make it feel as if the armchair is embracing you. Just what you need after a long tiring day.

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