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Living Trends 2022

Living Trends 2022

Curious about the home and interior design trends for 2022?

The final weeks of 2021 are upon us, and a brand new year is upon us. The time to start looking at the interior design trends of 2022. Last year proved more than ever that a house really should be a home. We are going to see this year that both the color trends and home trends go all the way back to nature and complement each other well. In this blog, we look at interior design trends we expect to see next year, so you can get some inspiration in advance.

Color trends

The natural tones are impossible to imagine our interiors without, so they also play a major role in the interior of 2022. The colors this coming year are all about the outdoors. So you can see that well-known paint brands are declaring colors such as olive green, light blue tones and a warm palette of reds and browns as the colors of 2022.

Natural elements

Truly unwind, of course, in nature. That's why we see a lot of plants and natural element again in the interiors of 2022. In the new year, we are going to see more distinctive elements in residential homes. Like wooden wall panels that you will see subtly behind beds and televisions. You will now see more entire walls lined with this this provides a warm look and natural for an insane statement of honor. In short, the open feeling you have outside we take inside.


It is becoming increasingly important that we take good care of ourselves and the earth.

Therefore, sustainability will become an even bigger theme in interior design anno 2022. From design to production, national and international design brands are increasingly making fair choices that are better for people and the environment. Equipped with various recognized sustainability features, you too as a home enthusiast will know how your new furniture is made and what impact it has on the world around us!

Soft shapes & organic materials

Soft curves, cuddly fabrics and organic textures: this home trend creates an embracing home with influences from nature and warm, quirky material combinations!

In many interiors we see straight lines and clean shapes. Then it's nice to break it up with friendly furniture with soft curves. Starting with the sofa: with a sofa with sloping contours, you quickly bring an eye-catcher into your home. Then, by repeating organic curves of the sofa in the shape of the coffee table and rug, the entire interior takes on an intimate and inviting feel.

Permanent permanent home office

In the past year and a half, most have been working much more at home. Mandatory working from home has opened the eyes of many. At first we saw a lot of makeshift workstations in the house. Now there will be more focus on a healthy fine home office, this will ensure that work and home will be less mixed up. Investing in a fine workplace is going to be seen more and more lubricated this year.

Artful living

The art world will continue to inspire many interiors in 2022.

Think bold patterns, asymmetrical shapes and sculptural furniture. You can see that art and design & art completely merge in the home. Art will become more accessible and low-key is 2022.

A smart interior

Whereas last year you encountered more and more smart appliances in the interior. Will this trend also become a staple in 2022. It will become a bigger part of our daily lives. You can think of built-in chargers in furniture, electric window coverings & lighting. So smart solutions are no longer just incorporated into basics but you will see it more and more in furniture.

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