A unique design in a beautiful loft in Leuven

A beautiful vacant loft in Leuven on the waterfront with high ceilings; this called for a unique design to emphasize the height and openness. Architime turned a standard layout into a beautiful design. By using organic shapes and limiting doors, the spaces are naturally separated. With its straight forward approach and unique design with pure forms and quality materials, we can see Architime’s signature in this beautiful loft.

From standard sketch to unique design

“The loft was drawn in very standard by the developer. A bit of a boring and standard layout. So we started from a blank sheet,” said Sharon Wouters, interior designer at Architime. Organic shapes create a soft and flowing whole and allow you to naturally separate spaces without using doors. Also, the combination of a herringbone floor in walnut with a microtopping floor separates the spaces.

For example, wood flooring was used in the quiet areas such as the dressing room, bedroom and office. The microtopping floor again creates a seamless look in the living space and kitchen and further emphasizes the rounded shapes. Black accent colors combined with the walnut create a warm look. Thus, every piece of furniture is custom designed and matched, from the bathroom cabinet to the coffee table. The black glass in the checkroom and dressing room provide separation on the one hand but, again, great transparency between the spaces. For decoration, the client chose unique designer pieces to complete the whole.

A great collaboration: from idea to execution
“From the first moment we had a very good click with the client and this was the beginning of a good cooperation.” They always work in pairs on one project at Architime. This is usually the case manager with an interior designer/architect, in this case Sharon Wouters. “That way we follow up on every project closely and can anticipate as quickly as possible with four eyes.” The clients were enormously pleased with the unique result and the fine cooperation.

Creating a home
Sharon Wouters: “I myself like to work with pure shapes and quality materials. I am of a straight forward approach and creating a unique design.” What drives her in the architecture profession is letting people live in an environment designed by her. “They spend the most time of their lives in this, I think it’s quite an honor that they ask us to do this.”

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