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Blenheim Terrace St Johns Wood heritage home

A beautiful LA family chose to live in a heritage home in central London with large gardens. 

The family originally came from Michigan from a potato farming background and from Sri Lanka. This mix of cultures has infused the house with interesting art from all over the world. The family are well traveled and very well educated which shows within the choice of art, photography, masks from Africa and drums and bells from India.

The family entertains many guests from the banking world and from the universities in the USA where the wife works remotely. They commissioned a Spanish graffiti artist to create a family portrait so the furniture and lighting had to flow with the art.

In the sitting room we made a bespoke sofa that is 4 meters long to sit under the family portrait. We chose a natural background so there was no clashing of textures and colours with the art. 

The family is more drawn to autumnal colors. Taking into consideration the graffiti portrait we made bespoke, cushions to accessorize the sofa and added an Andrew Martin Shagreen coffee tables and a natural large rug.

We made bespoke stools to sit under the brass console tables. We covered the stools in De Le Cuona  organic fabric. The stools can be used as an extra 4 seating or a small tables. The curved edges of the stool add softness and is in harmony with the natural armchairs. 

To add character we decided to go for a more musculin leather brown armchair to add some depth and contrast. We do love playing with shapes and textures in our design. The choice of design of curtains we decided to go more conservative and traditional. No fuss and no frills as we felt the art dominants the room enough.

They commissioned a Spanish graffiti artist to create a family portrait so the furniture and lighting had to flow with the art. The different choice of lights, floor standing is brass and mix of silk shade. The table light is also from british company Oka as we loved the texture of the leather base and linen shade. The walls and ceiling lights are traditional in keeping with the home.

The billiard room have Aborigini pieces of art from Australia, India as well as from their hometown so all the furniture was chosen to connect with the art .We made bespoke cushions seats from the two wooden chairs that came from India.. We used british orange cotton fabric from Linwood and piped it with leather orange pipping from Samuel and Sons. We do love mixing fabrics and trimming even if it’s so slight, but we feel it adds depth to the room. Less is more and when it comes to detailing that what makes the room stand out.

The dining room we once again added texture to their original pieces of art and furniture. The red rug came from Sri Lanka and the tapestry also came from Sri Lanka. We decided to add a natural  sideboard with texture and brass and made extra bespoke green stools for the bay window.

The dining table and arm charis came from their travels. For the guest cloaks room we helped accessorise it with their collection of craft, we had to find a space for their beloved wooden ducks and thought this would be the perfect place.

The master bedroom was a space of sanctuary. No art on the walls just space of calm where we choose beautiful organic materials and lighting to create a calm space.

We made bespoke side tables and used used Little Green paint. We added grass detailing to the legs as well as brass handles. The size of the bedside tables are 1200mm each. Enough storage to store  their children technology at night. We also spray painting their very large bed in Little Green paint to create a space of calmness for the couple.

Their beloved dog Lola is a huge part of their lives and so too wanted to be part of the photoshoot. She loves hanging out in Randev’s room.. We covered the chair in blue cotton fabric and made bespoke two tone cushions in Linwood fabric .The furniture is more industrial suites for a growing young man made from metal. We softened the look with blue and purple tones, Randev’s favourite colours.

In the basement sits the hub of the house. That is there the kitchen is , painted in farrow and Ball Elephants Breath. 

Thew dining area is where everyone does their homework so we added two desks. This is where the main entertaining and where all the kids hang out wit their friends. There is access to the garden where they play basketball outside.

In the TV room we made it more playful where everyone can hang out and enjoy a great film. As in all homes there is never end storage, so we added bespoke wooden shelving to each side of the door for all their cookbooks. Each person got their own draw to keep their homework nicely tucked away to help keep the house nice and tidy. Which to be honest is a struggle for most.

This beautiful heritage home in central London covered with history and beautify, is also filled with heritage pieces from their home towns and a collection of art and crafts for all over the world.

Photography: Philip Vile

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