Outdoor living and awnings from Renson:

The ultimate in comfort inside and out

In sunny Bordeaux, indoor and outdoor living blend seamlessly. But that also means that the risk of overheating indoors lurks extra around the corner. With both “outdoor living” and solar shading within Renson’s expertise, all measures in both areas in this newly built villa could be perfectly matched: uniform in look and feel, but above all: resulting in ultimate comfort for the occupant, both inside and out.

Indoor temperature under control

“Given the orientation of the home, blinds were simply essential here,” the residents know after 3 months in their new home. “But even with the living space facing due south, it is still pleasantly cool inside even on really hot days thanks to the appropriate blinds. Moreover, thanks to the pergola in the garden, we also have the choice of spending time inside or outside all year round, depending on where it is most comfortable at that time of day.”

“Here we actually installed Renson’s entire range of sunscreens,” further explains installer Frederic Lacoste of Renson ambassador Portaix Loisirs: “from the Panovista Max fabric awning on the corner sliding window (with zipper and no disturbing profiles or cables in the corner without support post), over Loggia sliding panels for the windows to fixed Sunclips awnings over yet another window.” However different, these measures are equally effective in preventing the sun from having free rein to raise the interior temperature in this well-insulated villa to unbearable levels: by blocking the sun’s rays even before they reach the glass. In any case, according to the residents, the result is very pleasing: “The great advantage is that we can open or close both the screens and the sliding panels as we wish, according to the comfort or light we want.”

Comfortable outdoor living

Same story for the garden, since this is where the owners spend much of their time in this area anyway. In order to keep doing that even during heat waves like there were some the other day, the Camargue pergola is a godsend for them. Thanks to the incorporated screens and the tilting louvers in the roof, even then the shade and temperature can be controlled. A further advantage is that it allows you to live outside in optimal comfort in the off-season. “By the way,” said another of the residents, “when we go into the Jacuzzi, the Loggia sliding panels not only provide shade but also extra privacy. And that, of course, is a nice bonus!”

Christine Bouchard (architect): “From the very first design of their new home, the owners had a pool house in mind. The Camargue patio cover with tiltable slats from Renson completely answered how they envisioned that pool house. And the various solutions to keep out the sun also pleased the building owner. The fact that the owners immediately felt comfortable in their new home is the best proof for me to speak of a successful project.

Renson products:
– Camargue patio canopy with tilting roof slats
– Loggia sliding panels
– Sunclips awning above the windows
– Fixscreen fabric awning
– Panovista Max fabric awning for corner (sliding) windows

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