Home automation for an easier life

Domotics in your villa simplify your life and contribute to your enjoyment of living and safety. For example, you can check who is at the entrance gate from your home cinema. You can easily control the heating, lighting, or ventilation of your villa – and if desired from a distance – with a simple touch on a button. Home automation helps you save energy in your villa. Specialists such as B&G Audio | Video | Domotica, De Opera Domotica, Prowork and Delektro show fine examples at and are happy to tell you all about the many advantages of home automation in a villa.

Home automation and home control

Domotics is the technology that ensures that all installed technologies such as lighting, music, video, and climate in the house work together as a harmonious whole. It is therefore also called home automation or home control. Of course, it’s very important to have the home automation or home control connected by a quality company. Automation makes your life easier, clearer, and more enjoyable. No more overload of remote controls, switches, or buttons, but just an easy-to-operate central system. Tailor-made and suitable for the home and the lifestyle of you as a client.

Home cinema and home automation

Watch a performance by Bruce Springsteen and imagine yourself in the front row in front of the stage. Experience an action movie as if you were the protagonist yourself. Not among hundreds of strangers in a large cinema, but at home in your own home cinema. Alone, with your family, or with a select group. You can enjoy the luxury, privacy and the film shown on the screen of your home cinema. Professionals who are showing their projects at HOOG. act at such a high level that the picture and sound can effortlessly compete with a commercial cinema. Also, you will find plenty of inspiration at when it comes to the design of your home cinema. In this way, the realization of the dream of having your own home cinema in your home comes a lot closer!