Wooden floors

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Buying a wooden floor is not just one, two, three. Which type of wood and color do you go for? Do you choose a herringbone or a Hungarian point? And do you go for the combination of underfloor heating and a wooden floor? All questions that you need to think about and also questions that the various professionals in the field of wooden floors are happy to help you with and advise on. After all, you don’t buy a wooden floor every few years. No, buying a new wooden floor is something – assuming that you have lived in the same home for many years – that you only do a few times in your life.

Hungarian point

At HOOG.design you will find various leading specialists in the field of luxury parquet floors. They all use the best materials, they are regarded as traditional craftsmen and the wooden floor meets all the wishes of the customer. In houses, catering establishments and shops, the wooden floor adds to the atmosphere and provides warmth. From a beautiful Hungarian point to a beautifully laid herringbone. The wooden floors laid by the prominent specialists are a feast for the eyes and excellent steelwork.


More and more clients are opting for a herringbone floor. If laid by a professional, a herringbone wooden floor counts as an enrichment for any space. Where the classic herringbone floor with the narrow planks is still being laid, we also see herringbone floors with wide planks. The choice is no longer solely based on oak wood and dark tones: when choosing a herringbone floor, we dare to experiment more and more. The result is always the same: a unique, warm and stylish wooden floor.

Underfloor heating and wooden floor

Where underfloor heating used to be a luxury, we now see it more and more. Laying a wooden floor in combination with underfloor heating no longer holds any secrets for the specialist specialists that you find at HOOG.design. This ensures that you as a customer are assured of the best end result. A few important things apply to the combination of underfloor heating and wooden floor, which you should certainly take into account. Laying a wooden floor in combination with underfloor heating should be left to a specialist. Do not take any risks and certainly do not skimp on the budget. The right material, the right type of wood and the right glue are essential for a good end result. Oak wood, for example, is perfect for combining with underfloor heating. Oak wood is a very stable type of wood and will never expand. The thickness of the floor is of course important for an ideal heat transfer. The thicker the floor, the longer it takes for the heat to pass through the floor and the more you have to heat to reach a comfortable temperature. With an oak top layer of about 4 millimeters, the heat transfer is optimal. Provided that you keep the basic temperature of the floor heating at 18 degrees as standard. Wood consists of cells that first have to be filled with heat before the wood lets the heat through. If you keep the temperature at 18 degrees as standard and you want to heat up to 21 degrees, the heat will be right through. If the floor heating is at 5 degrees, it will take forever to get warm in the room.