Designed to connect with bronze pivot doors

Recently, the office of Pennings Akoestisch Afbouwen in Rosmalen was renovated, with a high-profile, contemporary and attractive interior that was created in close cooperation with TWIN DOORS and parent company Plan Effect – a leader in the field of high-quality and innovative system walls for more than 30 years.

Characteristic of the office of Pennings, experts in seamless acoustic ceiling systems, is its warm and homey as well as industrial look. In addition, the interior has a very transparent character, partly due to the use of Plan Effect’s glass wall systems. “We see a clear shift from traditional offices to offices with a more hotel lobby-like, cozy and luxurious atmosphere,” says Marcel van der Ziel, owner of Plan Effect. “The trend is reinforced by the corona crisis: people are eager to return to the office, not only to work undisturbed, but also to meet colleagues.” Therefore, an inviting, open and warm atmosphere that encourages cooperation and interaction is desired. Plan Effect’s system walls offer many options for this purpose. Hence the company’s slogan: “designed to connect.

The wall system used at Pennings is Plan Effect’s EGO, a system that offers a lot of design freedom and is therefore eagerly used by architects. EGO has a tough, industrial and vintage character and the system can be combined with many different styles. This wall also has a higher sound-insulating effect, which, in combination with Pennings’ acoustic ceilings, provides an extremely pleasant working environment.

The EGO glass walls are combined in Pennings’ showroom with another important trend of today: the pivot door. Like the partitions, the pivot doors are made of aluminum with a bronze finish. Aluminum has the advantage of being lightweight and durable, and it can be used to create extremely slim and sleek details. The pivot doors are applied in a recess fitted with wall panels with veneered wood strips, which not only provides a warm appearance, but also contributes to sound absorption.

Remy Meijers
The pivot doors are from TWIN DOORS, part of Plan Effect since last year. “We started TWIN DOORS from the demand for this type of door for private individuals,” says Annette van der Ziel-Zeldenrust. “They are already widely used in projects, but people increasingly want this interior design style at home.” For the designs of the pivot doors, the company collaborated with renowned interior designer Remy Meijers. Among the distinguishing features of TWIN DOORS’ pivot doors is the ability to provide them with leather or wooden inlays, “That gives them an even more exclusive look,” said Van der Ziel-Zeldenrust.”

Like the wall systems, the doors are made in Geldermalsen. Van der Ziel: “We also worked hard this summer to develop a glass line in our own factory, which allows us to cut and process all the glass for our doors and walls ourselves. This allows us to provide even better customization and makes us more flexible. In addition, there is a variety of glass to choose from.”

Photography Raphaël Drent

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