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Rainforest Lighting

Detached thatched country house with pool

Hidden in the greenery is the entrance to country house “De Gooitop. A dream location right on the heath, timelessly beautiful architecture (P.J.M. Zeegers), a beautiful park garden with many old trees, space, atmosphere and privacy, top-class materials, extensive possibilities and state-of-the-art technology. And all that too in one of the country’s most sought after places to live: Blaricum!

The beautiful park garden with lots of privacy, pool, terraces, lawns, outdoor kitchen, lounge and an exit to the moor complete the living pleasure.

The villa features a more than 60-meter-long driveway. The white gravel of the parking area runs around the mansion, opening up the terrace located on the east side of the mansion with the pool, the outdoor kitchen with the storage room behind it and the lounge area. Due to size and location, the terrace offers numerous sun and shade spots. Adjacent to the mansion and terrace are the beautifully landscaped borders and lawns that flow seamlessly into the forest that extends to the moor. A private exit gives access to the moor. The beautiful walkways in the garden provide wonderful vistas at any given spot to the manor house, which, due to its architecture, with staggered facade sections and bay windows in combination with the far overhanging thatched roof sections and dormers, forms a beautifully romantic backdrop every time.

At the plot boundaries, trees, hedges and shrubs provide optimal privacy.

Built in the 1930s, the mansion has been extensively modernized over the years without violating the romantic character of the original design and fine details.

The garden features include an electrically operated entrance gate, fairy-like atmospheric garden lighting (installed by Rainforest Lighting) and an automatic irrigation system with its own well. Furthermore, the mansion is equipped with a state-of-the art alarm system and video surveillance.

In addition to the space inside and outside, the level of amenities, the unique garden with the pool and the moor as an extra, this is an absolute dream of living and also achievable. Still…

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Rainforest Lighting

Beautifully lit villa garden

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