Heart for Gardens.

Frontyard. Backyard. Interior.

If a piece of heaven on earth is being built then the view to it should be at least as impressive. The ‘one of a kind’ home is
a unique historic landmark old school building brought back to modern times and partly due to the timeless design of the
garden becomes a classic for the future. Timelessness is emphasized by classical elements (such as a pond in front of the main entrance
as was also the case in the past) to be applied in very modern style. Not only must every line be right, the garden must also tell the right story
telling. The garden is higher than the public space around it. Visually, this puts the home on a platform of honor. On the one hand, this makes
it visually appealing, but in addition, it gives more privacy.

The overall garden consists of two dwellings, both of which have their own character, yet should form a single unit. The front yard gives this
unity while emphasizing the individual identity of both homes and residents. The large field of ornamental grasses and
the recurring materials, colors and plantings connect both homes. The black galvanized elevation versus the white elevation
behind it, the design,- and sight lines and the own entrance emphasize the two individual houses. ‘Black’ next to ‘white,’ but both connected
with “green.

Whereas for the front garden the wishes of the residents had to be accommodated in strict monumental requirements, the back garden could be completely in
free hand to the “Ibiza style” wishes are designed. Given the owner’s background, a small soccer field could not be missing.
The walls are covered with Mediterranean natural stones on the one hand and plastered white on the other so that the modern character of the interior is also
found outside. The large lounge canopy with exclusive custom furniture is great for lounging late into the evening.
The uniqueness of this project is that the interior designer co-designed us for the interior. From the kitchen, living room and loft
one looks into the enormously tall monumental roof structure. This height has been maximized by tall palm trees in large pots and a huge
moss wall on the wall. This brings the greenery from outside to inside, and the colors, materials and plantings help determine the unique character of this exclusive home.

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