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House in the Veluwe

A traveling family is looking for peace and harmony for the living room, making it a nice space to have drinks together by the fireplace or watch television, but where some treasured artwork and travel memories can also have a nice place. They also want to transform the dark, crowded, and cluttered hallway into a bright and uncluttered entryway with lots of practical storage space for coats, bags, and shoes.

The living room lacked cohesion between the different corners. The separate fireplace was removed and instead I designed a piece of furniture that unifies the entire wall and brings together multiple functions. This is now the central focal point in the living room, combining the television and a fireplace with space for cherished art and travel memories. On the fireplace side, a spacious sitting area has been created with a corner sofa whose height is coordinated with the window sills, creating a peaceful image. Choosing attractive designer furniture in calm tones creates harmony throughout the room.

On the green wall, the artwork the residents once brought from Bali is now a real eye-catcher. Underneath, I placed a floating sideboard, completely custom designed and crowned with a beautiful piece of Carrara marble. The plants, green wall, and various green accessories, together with the generous view of the garden, also create an outdoor feeling inside.

In the hall, we created peace and space by making the best use of the spatial possibilities. The radiator was moved and the wall next to the meter cupboard was shortened to make room for a modern and stylish cabinet wall with milled-in bowl handle. This custom-built closet allows each family member to store coats, shoes, and bags and also integrates the meter box. The hall was rather dark, so the door to the room was replaced with a sliding glass steel door with an open and stylish character, so that when you enter, you immediately look into the room and the garden.

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