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Linarte garden fence

Versatility of Renson Linarte in practice

Designed as individual profiles for vertical facade cladding, it was clear to Renson from the very first tenon that Linarte had much more to offer. Free-standing walls, a fixed wall under a patio canopy, garden benches and planters ... the vertical design can continue throughout for a consistent overall look of a sleek garden. Also in a garden fence.

"A few years ago, we revamped our garden fence with a construction of concrete slabs and posts combined with horizontal wooden planks," echoes the owners of this home, who were mainly looking for extra privacy around the pool. "Although from the beginning we saw that as a temporary solution. In time we would then look for an alternative to put in front of it, with a warmer and tighter look."

And even for that alternative, the first thought was again wood, but not in combination with other materials. "The fact that aluminum was ultimately chosen was due to its colorfastness and the fact that it is maintenance-free. The fact that the types of wood we preferred were tropical also played an important role. Because for obvious ecological reasons, we would never feel comfortable with that choice."

Ease of maintenance was thus at the top of the wish list with which the residents came to Renson Ambassador Suncomfort. "But," recalls business manager Koen Coffé, "durability, sleek design and originality also played a role in their choice of Linarte. Not to mention the possibility of being able to incorporate in the garden fence the lighting for the immediate vicinity of the swimming pool."

"We first noticed Linarte through Suncomfort's facebook page," the owners agree. "Moreover, within walking distance of our home, a facade was finished with Linarte. So we immediately saw in practice what a beautiful image this produces. At Batibouw we went looking for more information and that's where we saw the different Linarte possibilities presented for the first time on the Renson stand. It was there that Koen immediately thought along with us about the possibilities for our garden fence, and we liked that very much."

"The first question I received was, of course, whether it was at all possible to install a Linarte wall against the existing garden fence," recalls Koen Coffé. "We looked together at how high the wall could be to hide the neighbor's garage behind it as much as possible, whether or not it could incorporate a door, in short, we went over all the possibilities ..." Ultimately, that provided the owners with a detailed elaborate plan with LED lighting and wood inserts integrated into the Linarte wall. The proposal to discreetly install a gate between the fence and the house was also well received. The entrance is barely noticeable from the pool and appears to be an extension of the fence. It turned out nicely that the embedded LED lighting - which was intended as mood lighting - can also be used functionally, because you can determine the brightness yourself.

In 2 days the entire garden fence was finished. Since then, residents have been able to enjoy a real upgrade to their garden. That they are satisfied with the result, there is no doubt about that. Because in the meantime, the new veranda was also finished with aluminum cladding in the same RAL color as the Linarte garden fence.

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