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Looking inside Scherpenzeel

A small space usually requires creativity and, as a result, produces a surprising end result. But a large space also offers opportunities. That appears to be the case in Scherpenzeel. The beautiful, spacious house is located in the middle of the village, yet surrounded by greenery. The residents opted for an extension that provides space for a special living kitchen with dining area. Especially if an extension has been built in front of it, a kitchen that also completely suits the residents’ taste must be provided. Velthuizen Keukens Architectuur knows how to deal with that.

The residents of the property in Scherpenzeel deliberately chose a spacious kitchen when they moved to an extension. Indeed, they desired a kitchen that is the heart of the house, where both the children can play and socialize over dinner. Lots of storage space was also desired.

The kitchen designer knew immediately that the space lent itself to dark, warm colors. Because the colors on the walls and ceiling are dark, the space embraces its occupants. This also gives the kitchen a luxurious look. Several elements reinforce this effect. See for example the chic brown marble incorporated in the island, the niche in the wall ánd the hanging furniture on opposite the wall. But the screed also emphasizes the space.

The cabinets behind the kitchen island are built into the wall and take on a sort of golden aura thanks to LED lighting. That golden color is reflected in the chairs at the dining table. All the colors match well with the greenery seen through the large window.

Despite the cozy feel, the space still feels expansive. We accomplished this through the long cabinet wall and the long floating furniture. In addition, we emphasized the length of the space by extending the kitchen island into a dining table that is slightly lighter in color. We leave residents in a cozy, spacious kitchen that oozes luxury and overlooks the green garden.

Meanwhile, the hall of these are also equipped with sleek closets and in the living room is placed a beautiful bar including wine refrigerator and executed with the same marble as used in the island kitchen.

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