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Luxury residential farmhouse


A fantastic issue. A cool challenge. A great result. This family bought a national monument, a farmhouse, with the plan to convert it into their dream home. But because of the property’s monumental value, they had no idea where to start. Therefore, we were asked to help redesign the exterior and interior. Of course, we didn’t have to think about this for a moment. We confidently said “YES! After several visits to the farm, we started working with the family. A new construction period. A new floor plan. A new interior. A real home!

From old section to luxury farmhouse

A remodel in which everything is coordinated. A completely new interior and an exterior modification. The biggest challenge was in renovating the part, the barn of the farmhouse; this had to become a spacious residential farmhouse. To achieve this, we worked closely with the landmark commission to design a beautiful floor plan that preserved the historic elements. And by carefully placing a steel structure, we were also able to put a floor in the section.

The former part lacked natural light. This was solved by installing additional fenestration and restoring the original windows. To create even more light and extra space, two modern aluminum extensions were installed. This gives the farmhouse an attractive and spacious feel both inside and out. Inside and outside are so perfectly matched.

An interior designed by EVE Architects

The interior design also rolled off our drawing board. The exterior and interior processes ran in parallel. The family was invited to our office several times. In our own EVE showroom. Together with the family, our interior designer went through the entire farmhouse. After all the requirements were identified, we started the creative process. With a beautiful end result, for which we designed both the architectural and custom interior. From the stairs to the kitchen and from the TV cabinet to the bathroom. All with a genuine EVE signature.

The materials were then considered with the family. A real search for the perfect composition that will form the basis of their dream villa. The materials for the wall, flooring and window coverings were then selected. And an appropriate lighting plan was drawn up to achieve the right atmosphere. The location of lights, the amount of light points and the type of fixtures were considered.

Everything is falling into place. The modern aluminum extensions enhance the interior atmosphere. The materials are perfectly matched. And most importantly for us, we designed a real home for this family.

Monument Preservation visited after completion to conduct an inspection. They expressed their appreciation for the care taken to revitalize this farm. We are proud of the final result.

Other parties

A beautiful design really comes to life through the expertise and craftsmanship of the executing parties. The custom work was realized by Quadro Interior Design. The floors were provided by Combi Flooring. The villa was decorated and styled by Studio La Plume. Masterstone provided the natural stone and ceramics. The lighting, audio, home automation and home theater was realized by MoreSenz. And all of this was fantastically captured by photographer Dick Ruumpol.

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