Mini paradise with a hint of boho-chic

This garden in Krimpen aan den IJssel has a warm, relaxed and natural feel – exactly what the residents had in mind. Their thoroughly renovated and expanded home has a soothing Ibiza vibe. The outdoor space had to match and flow with it – a challenge with which Groenregie was up to the task.

Boundless transition
What is immediately noticeable is the close connection between interior and exterior. The rear façade is mostly glass with harmonica doors. In fine weather, they are open so that inside and outside blend harmoniously.

The difference in height was accommodated by a wide “sidewalk” in composite decking along the glass facade. That long line emphasizes the width of the plot, while the asymmetrical pergola in black aluminum “bridges” the depth and ties in with the cozy outdoor living area. In terms of color and material, the pergola matches the home’s joinery – a touch tough and contrasting with the abundance of wood.

Generous materials and greenery
Green Direction applied a multitude of characterful materials here to create a casual atmosphere. Under the pergola is a dining area on a carpet of herringbone bricks. Around it are large ceramic tiles. Combined with the decking, Flagcorn gravel and plantings, a playful ensemble of nature and natural-looking paving is created.

The planting is lush, varied and colorful, with many evergreens and also flowering plants. Some of the species: geranium, fire arrow, finger plant, bamboo, laurel, ivy, ornamental grasses, agave, catnip, wisteria, fig tree, cork oak, golden elm …

Carefree cocooning
The outdoor living area – built by a third party – was co-integrated into the design and dressed by Groenregie. The sauna, wood fireplace, comfortable seating and rough walls provide warmth and security, without heaviness. It feels like the space gently takes you in and envelops you.

That same welcoming and convivial mood is experienced throughout this garden. From the terrace and outdoor living area to the area with lounger behind white stucco walls, surrounded by jungle-like plantings. Also note the yard fence with black steel H-profiles and chestnut wood, and the soundproof fence in Swedish rebate and coir with ivy. Each of these are quirky choices that combine to create the desired look and feel.

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