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Oled Mirror TV

Remy Meijers Mirror TV

Visionary Design, designing with a vision. It is a premise in which product designer and interior designer Remy Meijers and Oled Mirror TV have found each other. The result of their collaboration is an elegant, luxurious Mirror TV that best reflects Remy’s design vision.

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Perfection down to the details. That has become his hallmark in Remy’s 25-year career. Remy Meijers Mirror TV is therefore closely aligned with his interior and product designs. The unique design features a double seamless welded mirror frame, so no seams are visible in the corners.

Oled Mirror TV specializes in customization, making the product fit into any space. The frame features a handmade liquid metal bronze finish, but is also available in another metal finish depending on the interior style. A strip of luxurious leather from Dutch company Alphenberg Leather is inserted between the frames, giving the design a warm feel. This distinctive accent is available in a variety of leathers and colors. The application possibilities are also diverse. Remy Meijers Mirror TV can be wall-mounted or placed in the room as a standalone. In all cases, it is a graceful object in the interior. This is partly related to dimensions. Oled TVs are already available with a thickness of 20 millimeters, making the minimum thickness only 45 millimeters.

Living room, bedroom or bathroom, in the private home, Remy Meijers Mirror TV comes into its own in any space. The product is also an eye-catcher in projects, for example in reception and waiting areas of companies and governments or lobbies and accommodation areas of hotels.

Remy Meijers Mirror TV equipped with the latest type of 4K or 8K Oled monitor. With all the benefits. When the TV is on, the picture display is flawless. Another advantage of this technology is the wide viewing angle, which makes the image easily visible from different positions in the room. The design features a Secret Silver Mirror, so the monitor cannot be seen when it is off. Remy Meijers Mirror TV then acts as a mirror, creating a spatial effect in the interior.

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