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Van Dijk Metal Design

Residential farmhouse with authentic insulated steel barn windows

In the picturesque Betuwe village of Echteld, we replaced the old stable windows for beautiful insulated stable windows in an authentic style. These innovative windows, manufactured by hand, are finished to the smallest detail and with an innovative insulation system. In fact, steel is a very good conductor of heat and cold. So steel window frames and steel doors can easily let in cold and transport heat outside. With an interior steel frame, this does not matter as much. After all, the frame receives no heat or cold from outside, but for an exterior steel frame, preventing a thermal bridge is essential.

What is a thermal bridge break?

With current technology and expert knowledge, it is possible to make steel windows from a profile with an innovative thermal bridge break. This cross section of this profile consists of steel – plastic – steel prevents the cold from hitting your home and instead keeps the warm air inside. Say goodbye to heat loss and other inconveniences such as fogged windows, damp walls or mold! This insulated structure not only keeps you comfortable in all weather conditions, but also saves money on your energy bills!

No remodeling required

Many people fear that complete remodeling is required to install new windows or doors. With us, however, this is not necessary. We are experts at installing these types of elements without the need for extensive remodeling: ideal for customers who don’t see a remodel. The team at Van Dijk Metaaldesign will come by to view and carefully measure all current windows. Then we will discuss all possible options after which you will receive a 3D drawing showing what the final result will look like. Enjoy products designed and manufactured in the Netherlands and installed in your home by our in-house installation team. Experience for yourself the quality of Van Dijk Metaaldesign, where traditional Dutch craftsmanship meets modern steel designs

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