Dumobil villa construction

Sleek mix of fenestration and white crepy

Discover the beautiful mix of fenestration and white crepi in the building project of the couple V. from Waardamme on HOOG.design. Inspired by the Dumobil view house in Tielt, they chose a façade with white crepi and large areas of glass to make the most of the natural light. Inside, high ceilings of 2.7 meters create an extra atmospheric ambiance. The duo chose striking terrazzo tiles in the kitchen, which contrast beautifully with the parquet. Dumobil’s construction team had an eye for detail, such as cleverly concealing a door in the wooden cabinetry.

The V. couple initially planned to buy a house until they discovered the building lot in Waardamme that Dumobil was offering for sale. The total contractor from Tielt perfectly matched their needs in terms of approach, style and finish. It became the beginning of their first building project of their own.

Thanks to Dumobil, they were able to think proactively about the best solutions. While they did not want a turnkey home where they were tied to a particular style, they did want the freedom to choose their own materials and layouts. Together with Dumobil’s building consultant, they worked on the plans, determined the spaces and chose the finishes. The duo appreciated the presence of Dumobil’s building consultant at meetings with the architect, who provided many good ideas, such as raising the wall height to 2.7 meters, which gave a particularly nice effect to their home.

Dumobil’s proposed specification was a pleasant surprise, as it included many extras as standard. The couple was also very pleased with the pricing. The total package offered by Dumobil, with no worries and fixed suppliers, was ideal for people who do not want or cannot deal with all the details of the construction project. Moreover, everything was very transparent, so you know immediately what the cost will be if you decide to modify certain things.

The strict monitoring of the construction process gave the couple peace of mind. Building with Dumobil meant carefree construction, in which they distinguish themselves. If a problem did arise, Dumobil responded quickly and sought a solution that was workable for all parties. The project manager was always available and answered all questions.

For the V. couple, the correct value for money, detailed estimate and strict follow-up were huge assets. They highly recommend Dumobil for anyone who wants to build effortlessly.

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