The resurrection of the pivot door

Strict architectural lines, as well as light and height, characterize the former monastery in Uden. The geometry and symmetry is softened by the use of rich materials. Such as soft fabrics in a warm color palette and gold pivot doors that add character to the home. But the eye-catcher is surely the “stained glass door” that refers to the history of the building.

By combining authentic elements with contemporary design, the monastery exudes individuality. “Characteristic of our interior style is that we combine classic and modern elements. Ornamental moldings on the wall, chandeliers and stained glass are interspersed with velour, tough black accents, a sleek kitchen and TWIN DOORS,” says the resident.

Perfect match

The doors were designed by Remy Meijers, one of the best-known Dutch interior designers. He created a special collection of pivot doors with unique colors and coatings for TWIN DOORS. Such as metallic bronze, champagne and gold. These can also be personalized by inlaying them with marble, wood or leather, for example. This creates a rich palette of choices.

Yet the owners of the monastery did not have to think long about it. “We love gold. It looks so beautiful with the rest of the house. The new glass pivot doors are a perfect match to the original doors that have classic brass door hardware. The combination with the slightly tinted glass also creates a subtle balance in the interior.”

Heavenly design

At the end of a long corridor, however, the residents made a statement. The “Resurrection of Jesus” offers access to private suite. “Our stained glass door is the eye catcher of the house. It turned out even cooler than what we were hoping for. It looks like real stained glass.” The doors, however, were specially customized by TWIN DOORS; first a 3D impression and – after approval – the glass panels were printed. By printing on the glass, the image is razor sharp and the colors remain bright and vibrant. A pleasant prospect because, “We are so happy with it that we are considering installing the same glass somewhere else later.”

Dutch craftsmanship

That creativity is exactly what Remy Meijers had in mind when he designed a collection for TWIN DOORS. The designer sees doors as interior elements that contribute significantly to the atmosphere, but that you can also use to personalize your home. “Unbelievable that such a thing can happen,” said the resident. “We came to Geldermalsen with crazy wishes in our heads, but they were so well thought of and so much was possible. And see the result here! The doors exude class and are beautifully finished. A feat of Dutch craftsmanship with room for creative thinking and respect for everything that makes this building so special.” The Franciscan Sisters would look upon it with pride.

Photography: Raphaël Drent and Studio Nic

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