Laura Calleeuw

Timeless interior design concepts and uninhibited creativity

As a passionate interior designer, Laura Calleeuw always starts from an architectural interplay of lines. It creates perspectives, relationships, interrelationships, spatiality and the necessary tranquility within architecture. The interior always enhances the exterior making them complementary.

Wood as one of the most important factors
First, the layout is determined, then the interior concept is developed and the furniture customization is determined. “Wood choice plays a big role with me. The markings in the wood, the color of the wood, the cuts, the treatment of the wood; wood is the basis from which we start,” Laura Calleeuw said. The client decides whether he likes contrast or goes for soft homogeneous color tones.

She often uses one type of wood in combination with different painting techniques. These can be set on the floor, wall, ceilings and on custom furniture. “This way, you don’t need extra decoration because the home will embrace you, so to speak, with its soft textures.” Those textures can be based on motifs such as linen, brush techniques, stripe techniques and swirls. It is often combined with seamless soft greige shades.

Uninhibited creativity and wonderful overall concept

Once this base is determined, Laura Calleeuw uses her uninhibited creativity to personalize the design. She manages to find a unique connection between aesthetics, functionality and personality. Despite its complexity, the overall concept exudes simplicity, luxury and serenity.

The choice of materials and finishing details are well thought out and creatively applied according to the client’s wish list. “The starting point is a consistency of the client’s wishes, the existing architectural lines and my own input and advice as an interior designer. I always start from the views and the exterior environment.” She always looks for a balanced interplay of lines attuned to the interaction with other spaces.

Details of the customization follow below. “The base is warm and timeless and the design is fine-tuned and personalized with the loose furniture and interior textiles such as pillow, rugs and curtains.”

Interior design: from hobby to profession
Even as a child, Laura Calleeuw was always working on interiors. “I used to sit in my room all the time to watch The Sims (red. a life simulation game in which you can also design houses and interiors) to play. I was constantly buying up new land in the game so I could create new interiors again.” She changed her bedroom a hundred times. She also loved visiting viewing houses on Sundays.

Laura Calleeuw is always with the latest trends and focuses on timeless interior design concepts. Design plans become technical implementation plans. The client’s dream is plotted out in a realistic schedule with the corresponding strict follow-up. Laura and her team always look in the same direction and are seamlessly aligned. Customer satisfaction is central to this.

“I love that clients have confidence in me yet without being able to see any results.” Laura Calleeuw has the passion to make a difference and the courage to persevere. “I am incredibly grateful when clients are satisfied with the ideas I come up with that they would never come up with on their own. That gives satisfaction in my profession.”

Photography: Bert Demasure

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